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Home network users may have the need for a lightly secured method of access or may need to connect securely to a rather remote network (for example, a corporate network) while still being in a hostile and/or lightly secured network such as public internet connection. If this is the case then the home user can use a variety of methods that can assure access to these networks. Some of the more common methods are Layer 2 tunneling protocol, commonly abbreviated as L2TP and IP security or IPSEC used and set in tunnel mode.

Both examples by-pass the often strict restrictions brought about by private security methods employed by corporate networks (Sengodan et al, n. d. ). Conclusion In today’s modern digital world where hacking, war driving and other forms of subterfuge is undertaken in a daily basis, online and offline security must be given priority. Any connection whether a local are connection or a strict connection may bring unwanted and unwarranted access by people with unscrupulous intentions. In cases like these, prevention and security is always better than getting rid of the perpetrator most of the time.

Personal preventive measures such as the establishment of firewalls and proxies may deter cyber criminals most of the time but user cannot be too sure about the level of security he or she put through his or her network. Knowing that there are other methods of security that can be done may help in increasing the awareness useful in the prevention of cyber crimes and other related acts that can prevalent in today’s modern digital society.


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