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During the late 1700’s in the United States, there were many concerns
over the Constitution, and how America’s government should operate. In the
federalists papers; which were a series of essays on the constitution, James
Madison had arguments on factions and majority tyranny. Madison believed that
in order to survive as a country, the government should avoid factions and
In Federalists papers number ten, James Madison argued that the United
States government should avoid majority tyranny and factions. Factions are a
section of a certain political group; or a small group of people who have common
view points on specific subjects. Factions usually work against the general
public’s interest and violate the rights of others. Madison would have preferred
that factions would be abolished altogether, but he realized that it was impossible
to do so, because as Madison stated there are only two ways to abolish factions;
and that is to destroy people’s liberties, and give all citizens of the United States
the same opinions, interest’s and passions. Those two ways are impervious,
since there will always be some disagreement between citizens, and if people’s
liberties are destroyed, then so would our form of government. Therefore
Madison concluded that the only way to deal with factions would be to face their
effects, and try to protect the people and the government as much as could be
done. Madison argued that the best form of government to handle factions the
way they should be handled, would be to have a large republican government.
With a republican government factions would be weaker, and it would be easier
for direct democracies to contain their strength; a republic would have interests
checking each other so that the American citizens would not be divided into rich
and poor groups. This would guarantee citizens both security and liberty.

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