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Causes of youth violence in the Bahamas
Train up a in child in the way they should go when they are old never will depart from it. Parents need to take the full responsibility of their youth actions. Such as monitor what they watch on television and the music they hear, Adults should have better control where their youth hang up, and Teachers must be able to excises more discipline in the school. IN the world we are living most parents don't monitor what their children watching and the kind of music they are listerning to.They spend too much time on the telephone gossip with friend and to busy with different activities around them Just about every home in the Bahamas each child room has a cable in it while parents are not aware what they are watching at night. Parents need to take these cable out of the children room because most of them sometime they get bad influence from watching the wrong movie. Majority of youth are playing music sometime they can't understanding what the writer a is saying. Some of the musicsending bad message across to the youth and once they instill these song sometime they practice exact what the music say. Parents have to show more consideration to the kind of music their youth are listerning to and make sure its sent positive message to them.
Most parents marriage or single don't know where there youth hang up. You really have some of them that tell their parent that they are going by a friend went you find out that is not the true. I feel that every parent should know every company that their youth keep and make sure that they fit the characteristic that your youth procession. These youth sometime are looking for love and caring what they can't get from home so they go out there and find it from either gang group that shown the wrong direction or bad companies that lead them to the bar room and selling drug. Everywhere you go these youth are in the nightclub and most of the ti…

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