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Describe and assess the role of the USA in Indo-China in the period 1945-1954
In 1943 President Roosevelt suggested that Indochina come under the control of four powers after the war, proposing that the eventual independence of the Indochinese might follow in twenty to thirty years time. No one knew whether the policy would require American troops, but America was firm on the fact that independence could not be taken by the Vietnamese, but would be granted to the Vietnamese by the Great Powers at their convenience.
At the Yalta conference Roosevelt repeated his desire for a trusteeship but during March 1945 he considered the possibility of French restoration in return for their promise that independence would eventually occur. At the Potsdam Conference of July 1945, the issue of Indochina was resolved by authorizing the British takeover of the nation south of the 16th parallel and Chinese occupation north of it. This meant that the French, whom the British had supported since 1943, would return. This effectively made the USA responsible for the French reoccupation. USA's support for the French return to Indochina was logical, as this provided a way to stop the Communists from advancing in the East. By mid-August French officials were hinting that they would give the USA and Britain equal economic access to Indochina. At the end of August De Gaulle went to Washington, where the President told him that the United States was in favour of a French return to Indochina. Proof of this came in the form of financial aid.
The USA worked with the Viet Minh who were led by Ho Chi Minh, during the final months of the war where they provided arms in exchange for information and assistance with downed pilots. They eventually came to know Minh and the other leaders. American military men who arrived in Hanoi during thefirst heady days of freedom were unanimous in believing that Ho'… is an old revolutionist … a product o…

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