Victorious to ever consider violence as an option.

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 Victorious Violent Media Freed Me  In a society that attempts to mask children from their selfhood, is it very crucial that they find themselves through their actions or drawings that expresses their feelings. Gerard Jones presents the article of “Violent Media Is Good For Kids” that children appeared to be trapped in their own deepest distress. Jones brings awareness to adolescents that are in critical states by representing other alternatives for them. When it comes to minors, aggressive behavior can be a challenge. Jones proposes to us his dreadful and dark childhood. The well know comic book hero ” The Hulk” released him from his lonesome character. Violent media is very enhanced, we never want our children to ever consider violence as an option.  Jones reveals how violence is beneficial, but he also acknowledged the alternative viewpoints by conveying ” Children need violent entertainment in order to explore the inescapable feelings that they’ve been taught to deny, and to reintegrate those feelings into a more whole, more complex, more resilient selfhood” (Jones 65). He strongly encourages his outlook by confessing his life incidents. This permits us to contemplate on our younger days and to recall the times of feeling vulnerable.     Not a single parent wants to see their children grow up to become criminals or abusive. Kids tend to have their private imaginations      Children are constantly being exposed to violence, but the truth is that it is an unavoidable topic. Jones states that instructors are requesting parents to prohibit their kids from “Junk culture” (Jones 65). He then proceeded to do some research on violent stories, “Fear, greed, power-hunger and, rage are all of the terms that he used to represent what we try to venture away from when it comes to our lives. A psychologist who’s name is Melanie Moore  speaks to teenagers ; she said that they need violent entertainment to explore their emotions. Moore and Jones generated Power Play, a program that assist young individuals enhance their apprehension through courageous, combative tellers.       In agreement with Jones, after reading the article I can declare that out of the many violence that has to do with the media is disruptive. He makes substantial points about how unsettled adolescents are when it comes to dodging tough states. It is true that media violence has negative aspects on children, but there are restrictions to certain situations when it comes to adolescents. Violent media unlocks children out of inner traps, if parents begin defending their children continously then, they will not have a typical childhood experience. Each and every child deals with their issues differently, but they want to portray their emotions without acting out viciously or making a scene. Jones brings recognizition to every aspect that a child feels, 

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