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“Vampires were hidden, hunting in secret” To live forever isn’t that everyone’s desire? The Coldest Girl in Coldtown is a 2013 young adult novel by Holly Black and is full of drama, action, fantasy and romance. The story starts when teenage Tana wakes up in a bathtub after a highschool party. Tana is a person who cares about her friends feelings and doesn’t mind helping them when they need help. When she walks out of the bathroom she found that all of her classmates were killed by vampires. Although Tana never got along with her classmates she still felt sorry for them.The only survivors other then herself are; her ex-boyfriend Aidan an overprotective person with control problems, and a unknown vampire who was shackled to the bed. Though Tana saves them both she ends up being cut by a vampire tooth. Afraid that she will turn cold Tana takes Aidan, Gavriel and Herself to the nearest Coldtown. On the ride there Tana finds out that Aidan was bite and is now cold. Gavriel is the unknown vampire even though he is a vampire he drinks only animal blood. Soon Tana, Gavriel, and Aidan reach Coldtown. At the end of the story Tana kills the vampire “King”  Lucien after he attacks her. Then she gives Aidan and Pearl her pass out of Coldtown so Tana can stay behind with Gavriel forever. Tana is a person who cares about her friends feelings and doesn’t mind helping them when they need help. She lost her mother to vampirism a little while after she was born. Though Tana’s Mother tried to kill her many times Tana always loved her. Though Tana might not be a physically strong person she has a big heart and it is full of love, care and spirit. Aidan an overprotective person with control problems who has a big heart although he tries to hide it. Aidan might not look it but he is strong and caring with a lot of spirit as well. Then there is Gavriel. Gavriel is a secretive person who doesn’t talk a lot he is strong and brave. Gavriel and Aidan don’t always get along because they both like Tana. Gavriel tries to hide his feelings but it doesn’t work very well while Aidan in the other hand doesn’t try to hide his feelings at all. I really like how the characters evolve. Tana goes from this carefree life to hunting vampires WITH vampires. Aidan goes from this wimp and chicken to a ‘imma rip your throat out’ vampire. Gavriel goes from this emotionless vampire to a vampire with feelings. The difference between the three main character is amazing. THis book is a page-turner and full of action. I really like this book and would rate it 10/10. I would recommend this book for people who like drama, action, fantasy and romance.  I could read it over and over again and it wouldn’t get boring. Thank you Holly Black for writing this amazing book

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