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Webster's Dictionary defines utopia as "an ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects."That definition leaves a certain dense mark that shows that in order for a utopian society to work, everyone must be the same in many if not most ways.
If every one person were the same, there would be an abundance of boredom.Everyone would have the same goals, same dreams and aspirations.But most of all, it would seem like everyone is living the same life.
Consisting in this life would be the perfect family, job, home and body physic.Everyone would really share the thoughts, in which nothing would be new or surprising.People would walk around aimlessly, predictable, and of course, boring.In the schools, all students would be taught exactly the same.No matter what the generation, the lesson plans would ever change.
A political structure of any sort, in both government and work fields would be non-existent.There would still be sports in this society, but without rankings.People would just play games to play games.Games in which domination over an opponent is desired will be demolished. Without competition all places given, there would be no mental desire for competition.If competition were demolished, then there would be no fights, no cause for choosing favorite, and no need for anyone to have the feeling of being left out.
No progress in society would ever be made.Everyone would have the same work schedule, and more or less, the same job.With work, there would be no salary.In fact there would be no money in the population what so ever.Without money there would be no need for greed, and once again, for any person to dominate another.To include, everyone would also have the same non-existent boss.There would be no one to talk to for progress, if so desired, because progress in this society is impossible.
For a utopian society to be remotely feasible, …

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