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Using the Clifton
Strengths Finder as a self-discovery tool, the individual can identify the
areas where their greatest talents lie and build on them in any roles throughout
their life (“Strengths and Career Planning,” 2006). In career planning, knowing who you are is the
first step in finding a good fit. Looking at what is right, what is the most
important and most precious parts of the individual’s identity is crucial in
the career-planning process. The more an individual
know about themselves, the better it can help him or her to realise the environments
that will allow their talents to flourish. However just basing on talents alone is not enough for the
individual to achieve excellence in their work. Skills and knowledge have to be
acquired in order to develop their talents into strengths (“Strengths and Career
Planning,” 2006). This is known as the strengths-based development process.

Career counsellors or coaches can use the Clifton Strengths Finder as a
springboard for discussion to help the individual gather clues to the environment
that might bring out their best. After the assessment is completed and talent
feedback provided, a set of developmental suggestions that capitalizes on the
individual’s Signature Themes is provided. Below is an example of how some
environments might encourage the talents reflected in the theme (“Strengths
and Career Planning,” 2006). 

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