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Usain Bolt once said, “I’ve learned over the years that if you start thinking about the race, it stresses you out a little bit. I just try to relax and think about video games, what I’m gonna do after the race, what I’m gonna do just to chill. Stuff like that to relax a little before the race” ( Dozens upon dozens of studies have shown a direct correlation between the consumption of commercial video games and improved student communication skills, resourcefulness and adaptability to new situations. A few video game titles that may improve these skills are Borderlands 2; Minecraft; Portal 2; Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light; Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos; Team Fortress 2; Gone Home and Papers, Please. Video games are nowhere near as bad as some people might stereotype them as. Contrary to popular belief, video games can actually make you much more social. When kids, or even adults, play video games they are usually playing with friends. When you are playing with strangers, you already have one thing in common : the video game you’re playing, which makes it easier for you to become friends with them. According to, “Most kids play video games with a friend and any time spent with another helps children become better at socializing. Virtual multiplayer games also give kids a chance to interact with players from across the world and connect with them on some level” ( This quote demonstrates that with the new invention of VR (Virtual Reality), people can have a new level of being connected with other while still being able to play various things online. One of many VR games is called VRchat where players around the world can play and talk with others on maps that the public has created. Other types of games can help with problem solving and making creative decisions. states, “Players learn to make better decisions each time they play a game. This is because they learn as they go through their mistakes during the play. There are games that require creative decisions (Minecraft) to games that require quick decisions for the best moves in minimum time frame” ( The skills that one can aquire while playing these games (learning from previous mistakes, quick decisions and creative decisions) can help in other ways like in school, and even in the workplace. Opposed to the stereotype gamers get, they are not unintelligent people. Gamers are actually quite smart individuals, but in some rare cases, you can find the stereotypical gamer; fat, dumb and terrible at socializing with other individuals. In one study, a few adults were told to play Super Mario Bros’ 64 for a certain amount of time and at the end of it, they had developed  key parts of the brain. Wells and Blagburn wrote, “Kühn observed her subjects as they played Super Mario 64 for 30 minutes every day, for two months. After undergoing MRI scans and being compared to the brains of a control group, the psychologist discovered that the prefrontal cortex, hippocampus and cerebellum had all grown.” The prefrontal cortex, hippocampus and cerebellum all have to do with memory, which is key to remembering test answers/content or important events/deadlines. In summary, one can conclude that video games are not bad for you, and can improve your social skills and even your grades in school for mathematics and science.

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