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Hong Kong offer self-reliance scheme to their unemployed workers To regain job, as like USA do. Differences USA offer its assistance to unemployed for short run only, however, Hong Kong assist its unemployed as long as he needed. USA do not offer any assistance to its unemployed in terms of training courses, however, Hong Kong offer its unemployed worker to get into a re-training course to make his skills updated to find it easy towards new job. Hong Kong has 52 bodies for this sort of training courses, re-trained unemployed however, can receive up to $4000/month as training allowance. (Schweickart 2002, p.97)

Under CSSA scheme a person whose income is not up to the level can also apply for the assistance to receive some extra amount in order to maintain specific standard of life. USA on the other does not offer this type of benefit. Labor Department of USA has set some standard per hour wage rates, in order to make sure workers are earning to maintain standard specific standard of living and thus are not being exploited. However, Hong Kong is not very strict to per hour wage rate. UI system has a drawback as unemployed getting assistance under this program is forced to accept low level jobs.

It is also because UI supports for short term and one has to accept job whatever the offer is. Contradictory to UI, CSSA scheme provide long term aligned with training facilities make it possible for an unemployed to get better job. (Schweickart 2002, p. 99) Gosta Esping-Andersen Theoratical Framwork Gosta Esping-Andersen is a Danish sociologist and the author of many books on the subject but his primary focus has been on the welfare state and its place in capitalist economies. In his book “The Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism”, which was published in 1990, he laid out three main types of welfare states, namely:

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Social Democratic. (USA)  Liberal (Hong Kong) Conservative (Germany) According to Andersen’s model USA is a social democratic country. It is because they promote democracy and make people strive better in their lives. As discussed earlier the unemployment insurance system is the one way to know that USA believes in social welfare of people. On the other hand Hong Kong is in liberal welfare stage. Andersen’s model tends to commodities the workers. It is clear contradiction when the model about mobilization. On one side this model is pretending to create social equality, but in reality it has deepen the roots of class system.

(Esping-Andersen 1999, p. ) Unemployment assistance programs offered in USA and Hong Kong are to facilitate the workers who need assistance to meet their daily expenses. But it has been seen that they are being exploited in USA, this is a clear contradiction even government is trying to help those people out. What are the other forces which make workers to be exploited? There are many contradictions in theory and practical. (Esping-Andersen 1999, p. ) That is why we are not been able to solve the problems generally prevailing in the society, even after the decades of discussion to find the one best theory.

Both USA and Hong Kong tried to come up with the eternal solutions for their people but yet to eliminate poverty, unemployment, class system. We are living in the era of social dualism, people pretend to be interested in others problem but they actually are not. Andersen’s model can not be implemented to get the desired results. Globalization and Unemployment Globalization is a concept of no boundaries. Globalization is topic of immense debate in last decade. Globalization do has its impact on unemployment. Globalization affects more on structural unemployment.

Due to globalization companies open themselves to different places even across the border for cost cutting and hence caused structural unemployment. This is how globalization impact through the recession period (Robert 1993). Many multinational companies already moved their production units from USA to India and china. Hong Kong and USA both are facing unemployment problems as like almost every country now s day. Growth rates are almost zero and even negative in some economies and it is not possible to predict the future time frame for recovery.

Government across the world should collaborate to come up with the solution. (Total words = 2630) References Bureau of Labor and Statistics, USA, Press Release for Unemployment Rate for the Month of February, 2009. Accessed on March 26, 2009. Accessed from: www. bls. gov Christopher Ruhm, “Are Recessions Good for Your Health? “, Quarterly Journal of Economics 2000, 115(2): 617-650. Esping-Andersen, Gosta 1999, Social Foundations of Post-industrial Economies, Oxford University Press, USA. “Historical Comparability” (2006). Employment and Earnings. Household Data Explanatory Notes, February 2006.

Accessed on March 26, 2009. Accessed From: http://www. bls. gov/cps/eetech_methods. pdf. Robert Struble, Jr. , “Toward a Structural Solution to Unemployment” International Journal of Social Economics 20, no. 11 (1993): 15-26. Also seen in Treatise on Twelve Lights, (2007-08 ed. ), chapter 8, “Bolstering Workers: Structuring Full-Employment into Capitalism. ” Schweickart, David (2002). After Capitalism, Rowman ; Littlefield Publishers, Inc. Unemployment rate in Hong Kong climbs to 5. 0%. Accessed on March 26, 2009. Accessed From: http://news. xinhuanet. com/english/2009-03/17/content_11027248. htm.

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