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The United States had realized that war is living hell.If there had been a way to avoid war, the United States tried it.The United States did not enter the war for reasons other than securing national security.The United States tried to stay out of the war but because of conflicts with Germany and Japan, it made the entering of the second worldwide war inevitable.
Knowing of the devastation war causes, President Roosevelt told US citizens that US will not enter the war that had been going on in Europe.Roosevelt had declared that the US is a neutral country and had the rights to trade with all countries.The US wanted to hold a good economy and that meant keeping out of the war which always hurts the economy; entering the war earlier than it did would have weakened the economy and would have made it hard for the US maintain its status as a powerful nation.The US had wished to do trade without provoking war with nations so the US set up the Neutrality Acts.The US stopped sending arms to any foreign countries knowing that it would be a natural target for warring countries.The US wanted to be seen as not favoring any countries which included not giving any loans to any belligerent countries or countries that did not repay any previous debts.Countries looked at the US as favoring countries; Germany felt that the US had been threatening them because of the continual trades with other countries so Germany had sunk various ships that involved citizens from the United States.Because of the sinking of ships that had US citizens on it, the US feared it would draw them into the war.The US passed the idea of Cash and Carry, all warring nations needed to pay cash and come to the US to pick up goods that were traded.Germany had sunk ships in Europe that had held US citizens so the prohibition had been passed that had been made to prevent US citizens from traveling on other nations ships in order to keep the US a neutral cou…

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