US Militarism: War Brides and Internment

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History holds a lot in regard to various events that took place at different times and the experiences people went through. Some experiences are remembered for their benefits while others are committed to memory for the drawbacks associated with them.

The US Militarism is a concept that is known for various things, both positive and negative. This piece of work will look at the concept of the US involvement in foreign wars and its effects on Asian women in the US and other parts of the world. Although these women faced a lot of negative treatment, they tried to fight back through resistance.

Research shows that Asian war brides faced negative treatment in the United States of America as well as in their home country. In the United States, these women faced negativism in the form of cultural isolation, sexism as well as racism making their lives extremely uncomfortable. They were for example seen to be immoral and inferior. A critical issue involved evacuation from the West coast regions to detention camps under the observation of the military.

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This was extremely intimidating and painful since they did not find acceptance and solace in the place they moved to. Many people also faced imprisonment including the aged and the children. To cope with the situation the women opted to use some resistance which is perceived with some controversy with some taking their reaction as the women’s way (as per their culture) of dealing with problem situations while others take it as a pure form of resistance (Vo and Sciachitano Xiii).

The Asian women suffered a lot from isolation and bad treatment and as a result of this; they had to learn on some survival tactics while in America. Some of the coping mechanisms adopted by the Asian women reflect some form of resistance, rather than just a passive-aggressive behavior. They include, looking for sources of financial and moral support for instance by formation of community groups that offered them with power through unity.

Another way is disguised resistance where they behaved in a manner that deceived, that is, they tended to show good behavior and attitude towards their husbands as well as the American culture and the society at large whereas they did this in order to safeguard their opinions and desires. This resistance was therefore carried out in a manner that was not very visible, to those in power, and hence it was to the women advantage and a defense mechanism too (PBS 2009).

From the above discussion, it is evident that the Asian war brides faced a lot of problems especially in the United States. A form of resistance is also observed in their attempt to making their lives bearable. Culturally, the Asian women are known to deal with problems in a passive-aggressive way but in this case, their reaction is seen as a form of resistance due to the specific actions they took as discussed above.

It is also clear that the United States involvement in foreign wars had major impacts on the lives of many individuals. The Asian women suffered greatly in the United States as well as other parts of the world under the US military rule. The discrimination and oppression faced by these women contributed to their resistance, which they used as a coping mechanism.

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