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Unlike Freudian, Kohut sees the patient narcissistic, selfless, but has no self structure because self development is unsatisfactory. The first form of narcissism that Kohut and his colleagues treated successfully developed idealizing, mirroring transferences, and twin-ship. Kohut also introduced the term self object to refer to the Internal Psychological experience of another object that provides functions necessary for self regulation. Silverstein states,The attribute Kohut (1971) characterized as cohesion refers to experiencing the self as either intact or fragmented. Self cohesion is there natively enduring experience of the self either as integrated when it is intact or as breaking apart when it is vulnerable to fragmentation.The vigour or vitality of the self is an attribute best described as one’s feeling of being assured or strong, not necessarily in the sense of confidence about one’s abilities but rather of affirmed up capacity to stand up to the world with out sinking or caving in, (38). Kohut describe about the disorder into self objection. The self objection daffiness three, Mirroring, Idealization, and Twin-ship. In the Self object Function, the initial description of Narcissistic personality disorder Kohut emphasizes how these three at the power and harmonic attributions of self-cohesion operate to produce the clinical form of this disorder. Then he explains that the self requires accurate response from the outside world to maintain its cohesiveness. “Kohut at first identified two primary kinds of self object experience mirroring and idealization representing sectors or poles of a bipolar self (Kohut,1971,1977)”, (Silverstein, 37).MirroringMirroring is the “echoing presence” Kohut regarded as a means to strengthen the responsiveness of others strengthen themselves. This is one of the routes to strengthen the sense of being valued. Mirroring is built on experience in normal development where young children hope that their achievements will be recognized and filled with arrogant satisfaction. The most ancient form of psychology is the combination of self and others (self and object itself), which is detected in the treatment by the merger transference. A healthier second manifestation, a narrow transference in the narrow sense, which is a familiar search for a presence that affirms or admires without sacrificing the boundary between the self and reflecting the self object. The third form of mirroring is twin-ship or alter ego transference, which is the need of others to be a faithful replica of the patient.

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