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Universal language may cite to a
language that is widely spoken and comprehended by all or a large portion of
the total populace .for example, English language  . Accordingly, a language becomes so powerful when it develops an
uncommon part that is perceived each country. For example,  “Latin became an international language
throughout the Roman Empire, but this was not because the Romans were more
numerous”.  but simply because it was so powerful”(Crystal D English as universal
language 2003 pg7 ).According to the author David Crystal   “without a strong power-base, of whatever Kind, no language can make
progress as an international medium of communication”(Crystal D English as universal language 2003 pg7 ).  Similarly , English  Language is the most spoken today around the
world which It is often suggested, for example, that there must be something  interesting about the structure of English, so
as to clarify why it is currently so broadly utilized. Some might suggest that
English is much easier to learn that other languages that have a complex
structure such as Arabic. In contrast, Crystal David argues that “A
language does not become a global language because of Its intrinsic structural
properties, or because of the size of its vocabulary, or because it has been a
vehicle of a great literature in the past, or because it was once associated
with a great culture or religion”. (Crystal D,English as universal
language 2003, Pg9), but according to Crystal  none of
these features alone will contribute to ensure the spread of one global
language,  but on the other hand it might
motivate someone to learn a language.


When it comes to the issue of having a
universal language that replaces all languages. Some people may agree with this
idea and give us sound reasons for their belief. On the other hand, some other
people might disagree with this statement and have different opinion .” Language
universals are a big deal because they shed light on heavy questions about
human cognition. The most famous proponent of the idea of language universals
is Noam Chomsky, who suggested a “universal grammar” that underlies
all languages. Finding a property that occurs in every single language would
suggest that some element of language is genetically predetermined and perhaps
that there is specific brain architecture dedicated to language “. (O’Grady, Cathleen 2015 Pg1). Also, those opponents could probably provide us with strong purposes
for their thoughts. We  think that there
are many advantages and disadvantages for having one language all over the
world. This  essay will demonstrate some
points regarding this issue in the following paragraphs.

Firstly , learning one global language
could have many advantages, for example, there are several  different languages spoken around the world
and for people from different countries who need to communication could be
difficult at times, for example , whether travelling for business, education,
tourists, or simply visiting a foreign country. All of these barriers could be resolved
with just having one worldwide language. Another benefits is
when people from different areas speak  a
universal language, which would encourage people from different background  to talk to each other when travelling, or to
find out more about their beliefs, values, custom and culture” .

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The writer David Crystal agrees that ”The
need for a global language is particularly appreciated by the international
academic and business communities” (Crystal D,English as universal language 2003 Pg13). ” for example,
the UN was established with five official languages – English, French, Spanish,
Russian and Chinese’ and ” and in modern times Swahili, Arabic, Spanish,
French, English, Hindi, Portuguese and several other languages have developed a
major international role as a lingua franca, in limited areas of the world”. David
Crystal (Crystal
D,English as universal language 2003, Pg12); “A Single Globalized Language would
Improve Life, if there was to be a one global language that all the world’s
society would have the talent to be in touch easily with individuals from
different countries therefore creating more equal chance. If the earth was
better able to be aware of each other than there would possible be a reduced
amount of conflict (global language).A single global language would also be
useful for economy and business world because it would be easy for them to
communicate. To communicate would improve life. It
would be easier to simply know one another if each person had at least one
language that was known all around the world. For example, One global language would be pleasant to have .


Secondly,  the benefits “of having one world
language is that people can talk with each other with one mother tongue. ”They
don’t need neither translations or interpreters”, so they can understand each
other fast” (Lang-8, 2012) . Also, passing information and knowledge will be much easier.
Moreover, information will be more accurate. In fact, when people translate a specific
material, the subject may lose its strength. In addition people from different
countries are able to communicate and share idea directly, without the need for
an interpreter. What’s more  , the
interpreter may not be able to deliver the exact thought of the speaker, and
that may lead to a big problem.
English is  also named as a worldwide
language or a world dialect , on
the grounds that most website pages are composed in English on internet Webs. Even
people who is English it is not their first language, they still willing to
learn English  as English is now used in
lot of areas such as business, education. In addition, according
to some ,” having only one universal language will provides people on the
world with a clear understanding of each other. Communication will become
drastically easy. Business will boom and language barrier won’t be any obstacle
on the way of networking. Science will be readily accessible for any population”.
(Nargess 2015)


In contrast, having
one universal language could have negative impact” researchers argue that there are vanishingly few candidates for a
true language universal. They say that there is enormous diversity at every
possible level of linguistic structure from the sentence right down to the
individual sounds we make with our mouths”( O’Grady,
Cathleen 2015). To add on,
people don’t agree fully with  having one
world language. Firstly, learning different  languages is enjoyable because you get to meet
different people and learn different things from them. Secondly, you can find
about the different structure and how does it function spoken and written.
Also, you get to know about different cultures and the terminologies used is
unique for each language, for example some language in Africa use clicking
sound to communicate and others use body gestures to communicate. To add,
“everyone doesn’t want to lose their ethnic culture. That one world
language is determined to use in the world might bring about disputes. We are
all different. We have to respect the difference each other. On the other hand,
languages are deeply related to their ethnic culture, so losing their language
is equivalent to losing their identity . We think about everything using our
first language, so the language is based on the idea. One world language might
make our world boring, and make it uniformity” (Lang-8, 2012).


Why need a universal language and there
are skilled interpreters and translators, who bridge the gap by rendering the
spoken language or translating the written language . Translators and
interpreters will go extinct “if we have a global language. It will also
weaken cultural diversity, which won’t allow people to be who they are or be
proud of what language they speak because they will be speaking another
language”.  People
will lose their identity and sense of belonging.


Research shows that history of any nation is the
foundation that keeps the integrity of its people. No matter whether it is oral
or written, it forms the collective memory of a society. Forcing people to
abandon their mother tongue is equal to cutting the bonds of nations to their
collective memory. After a few generations, it might only be the expert
linguists who can understand their history.


Moreover, different languages originated
in different parts of the world are developed and flourished in their
particular nature in response to ecological as well as geopolitical differences
of each particular area, for instance, ”English is spoken in every major city
in the world, especially tourist destinations. You might think that means it
has the most speakers. Not true – Mandarin is spoken by more people, but
Mandarin is not spoken much outside China.  Therefore, any language has its unique
cultural elements that describe its speakers. Replacing it with a universal
language, lead to disruption of the national identity”. (Terry dip 2008)


Communication via language is a unique feature of
human beings which has developed over millions of years. We understand each
other by the help of words. The colorful variety of many languages talked by
different nations is astonishing. However, a universal language can connect all
the speakers of different languages around the world together. Although it may
have some advantages, I believe that eradicating the existing languages in
favor of a universal one will turn our colorful realm of speaking to a
monochromatic one. In the other words, it will ruin the rich cultural diversity
of the human world.


general, regardless of the advantages of having one universal language, which can have an negative impact on people who are fully against it as
it may can be the reason of the loss of people cultures and tradition.

To conclude, “Language plays an
essential role in human beings’ life because we would not be able to communicate
with others without having a language. Universal language is created with a
view to removing language barrier and making it more convenient for people
around the world to communicate”.(Myenglishclub.com, 2011).


However, some research shows that “universal
language cannot replace other languages for some reasons.  “First of all, a mixed variety of
languages which currently exist is one of our richest possessions in this
world. Languages that we use today have gone through a long process of emerging
and becoming sophisticated”. (Myenglishclub.com, 2011). for that reason, language
it is not only used for communication but also to present who we are as we know
every country has their own language which present who we are. ”Secondly,
there are also some difficulties in producing a universal language. Universal
language is for everyone; therefore, it must be suitable for people to learn
and speak”. (Myenglishclub.com, 2011).however, this meaning having one language
will just not makes us lose our identity but also it could be  difficult for different age groups, for
example children attend to learn a and pick up a language better than adults
and that is another thing to consider.


With general opinions, that although,
there are many benefits of having a single language in all the countries, but
the harm that may it cause is critical. diversity is important for healthy life,
and that holds true for language.  However, with some people
believe  there shouldn’t be one universal
language as there would be no cultural diversity if we all had the same
language. There will be no new ideas and life would be extremely dull/boring
for example. If you want to eat something from a restaurant all the food
choices would be the same and that’s why having different languages means
different and new cultures.

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