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 Unit 2 in Text Citation Voting Justification

Edson Chikati

Intercontinental University

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GRC 600 2018 CT1 SE1

Dr LaMont Rouse

January 11, 2018

Unit 2 in Text Citation Voting

I voted for option number 4: …
thus concluding the argument (Williamson, n.d.). It has the correct in text citation,
the author’s surname and no date (n.d.) of publication. The APA 6th Edition
Style Guide states that citation includes author-year format,
that is, the author surname and publication year. Any citation that includes first
name and initials does not meet the APA standard requirement. American University of Sharjah. (n.d.) stated that citation of missing publication
date is substituted by no date (n.d.).

The voting activity required me to choose the correct in text
citation for a given reference, which had no publication year. I eliminated in
text citation options number 1 and number 3 as they both had year 2016, which was
not stated in the reference. Option 2 had author’s initial and incorrect no
date abbreviation and was eliminated too. The detailed reasons for each of the
four options are:

1 … (Williamson,
K., 2016)  Author surname is correct. The
initial and year 2016 must not be included. The year of publication was not
stated in the reference provided.

2 … (Williamson,
K., nd)       Author surname is correct.
The inclusion of initial is wrong and “no date” abbreviation is incorrect. It
should be (n.d.).

3 … (Williamson,
2016)         Author surname is correct.
The year 2016 must not be included because it was not stated in the provided reference.

4 … (Williamson,
n.d.)          Author surname and
abbreviation of no date of publication is correct and is in line with APA Style
Guide formatting.

According to Purdue
Online Writing Lab. (n.d.) not dated “n.d.” must be put both in text citation and
reference. This is important because references are linked to the in text


University of Sharjah. (n.d.). APA 6th
Edition citation style.  Retrieved
from https://aus.libguides.com/apa/apa-no-author-date

Online Writing Lab. (n.d.). APA formatting
and style guide. Retrieved from https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/25/



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