UNICEF Organization is stands
for United Nations Children’s Fund, it is established in 1946 for UN program headquartered
in New York City, UNICEF is a humanitarian and development organization which
helps children and mothers.It operates in about 190 countries and has an
executive board charged with monitoring the implementation of the organizations
policies and programs .

In 1953, The organization become a permanent body of united nations and lunched
global programs to combat infectious diseases including dermatology .

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In 1965 received the Nobel Peace prize , in 1989 the general assembly adopted
the convention on the rights of child


The organogram and structure
for UNICEF is starts from the top Headquarter down to regional offices and to
country offices then to the fields.


The main budget for UNICEF
comes from contributions and private donors. The missions of UNICEF mostly are in
the field and emergency locations, countries with conflict atmosphere results
with humanitarian cases which the helps required highly for the women and children.


The main program for UNICEF (health,
education and water/sanitation) through logistics and supply program., Health
program consist nutrition, medicines and vaccines. Education program consist
stationary assurance, back to school campaign and school
renovation/construction. The water and sanitation program is mostly renovation
and development including new project in this field with family shelters.  

And UNICEF works to immunize children against diseases including HIV / Aids


calls for preventing children from the dangers of war and conflict and calls
for the promotion of the principle of gender equality and the creation of
conditions for a decent life for all children of the world.



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