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Unfortunately, always somebody has something unfair against these things. The god of evilness. When there is light, there is shadow. Therefore, why did gods create evil?  The myth of why gods created evil goes back to when gods created ÿÿèþÿÿȤÿÿh»ÿÿØÈÿÿ, and the universe is just a part of ÿÿèþÿÿȤÿÿh»ÿÿØÈÿÿ. Unfortunately when gods made it, the gods did also plan the evil. Many people believe that  God is a good God, but does not have the ability to do anything about evil. This would mean that God is a good God, but not all-powerful. In my legend, Gods created evil for a reason. Something living, something that exists, can’t be existing without dimness and the opposite side of the world. One section of Sacred writing appears to show that God made shrewdness. “In the Lord James Book of scriptures Isaiah 45:7 peruses the accompanying.” “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace and create evil: I the Lord do all these things” From this, the legend becomes concrete. However this is not the end. This is not what the original Hebrew says. The word translated “evil” is the word “ra”. It also means sorrow, calamity, disaster, afflictions, and adversity. The real meaning of the bible stays unknown. God could have made individuals such that they would be robots who might respond when God influenced them to do as such. In any case, that would not give mankind any essentialness. God chose to make individuals such that they could pick regardless of whether to obey Him.  What about natural disasters? This is also a myth! Shouldn’t something be said about seismic tremors, surges, volcano eruptions, and starvations? In spite of the fact that cataclysmic events, for example, quakes and starvations are not caused by people, mankind is in a roundabout way in charge of their event. They happen because of our wrongdoing. At the point when sin entered the universe everything was influenced. Enduring and insidious go together. The ideal working request is currently corrupted by wrongdoing. The Book of scriptures says that the whole creation is currently enduring. 

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