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Under the mauve sky of a particular Friday evening, my mother and I decided to take an excursion around our neighborhood. We conversed about topics ranging from how freshman year of high school was going, to the little things in life that piqued our curiosity. On our way back home, she pointed out how serene our evening walk was – no bird chirps, no dogs barking, and no neighbors yelling from their porches. “Like something straight out of a film,” she said, and at that moment, I came to a realization.My life is its own film, consisting of many different scenes and experiences, and shaped by the stories of generations past. My grandmother, who ran away from home as a child, found her only work at a factory, working from dawn to dusk on little to no food. She often told me stories of her life, allowing me to understand what hardship she had faced in South Korea. Growing up in New York City, my mother faced similar hardships, forcing her to grow up before her time. Often in want of food, and in the absence of her parents, she was forced to raise her younger sister alone. Nonetheless, she persevered, going on to attend a college nearby and graduate.As a result of my family members’ experiences, my film has had the chance to embark on a different journey than theirs. I have learned to never fear hardship, but instead, take it to a dance and lead it out the door. I have learned to not stay stagnant, but rather, be open to assimilating new ideas. I have learned to pursue interests that captivate my mind, an opportunity my mother, grandmother, and ancestors never had. Yet, I have had my fair share of tribulations as well. Since the age of ten, I have lived in a single-parent household. Though my father has been absent since then, my mother took on the challenge with a grace I have admired since the day I was born. I handled it differently, as a child would, and had to grow mentally through the process of change, but I learned to take that dance with hardship like my family before me.However, the opportunities were still limitless for me. In high school, after watching an episode of Silicon Valley at a friend’s house, a seed was planted in my mind, and thus my love for Computer Science was born. It led me on an adventure, as I scoured the internet for free resources to teach me just one programming language. Knowing that there were still many people who grew up the way my grandmother and mother did, I made it my goal to connect those who had an interest in computer science to free resources and opportunities so that they could explore what captivated their minds.In one experience and clip of my life, I recall sitting in a table of four, where we were grouped together to work on a project in physics class. We were ecstatic that there were groups, but we had a difficult task:  equipped with only straws and tape, we had to ensure that an egg would survive a twenty foot drop. In other words, we had to think outside the box. Our egg survived the fall, but that was because of all the great ideas everyone in the group contributed.When I look back at the ever-changing film of my life, I realize that some scenes will be cut, and other scenes will be added, but the overall lessons that I have learned will remain with me forever. 

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