Ultimately, output is the circular procurement guide

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Ultimately, the GDCI partnership’s main goal and output is the circular
procurement guide for the private sector. This output is discussed below.

The circular procurement guide for partners can help partners to create
circular procurement in their supply chain. This notion already shows that the
guide aims to set the ‘…field of vision’
beyond their own organizational boundaries (MVO Nederland,
2017a). Some paragraphs are more written as a recommendation, others have a
more obligatory tendency. For instance, “…a
life cycle analysis (LCA) helps you to discover areas where improvements could
be made”. Or, “Ideally no use should
be made of toxic substances. If they are used, however, then an improvement
plan is required (MVO Nederland, 2017a). The latter has already a more stringent
requirement, but others are more specific. In the production phase, “Renewable energy of Dutch origin must be
used in the production process” (MVO Nederland, 2017a). Furthermore the guide is build up in questions,
such as: “What options does the supplier
offer for taking the product back, and “what
developments are there that might increase the lifespan of the product” (MVO Nederland, 2017a)? These quotes show in general a quite natural way
of implementing circular procurement. It gives directions of what is the right
thing to do.

The way of procuring is open for debate. In relation to the main
research question, it is seen that the facilitating partners are partitioning
in governance. There is interaction with the private sector and sectors are
mostly encouraged and challenged instead of using their legislative power. The
target groups are different because each company operates in a different
sector. The incentive does not lay in a certain sector but more in a certain
part of the business model. Via this way, the partnership extends way beyond
her own organizations.  

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