UEFA round was played in two matches.

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UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious football tournament in the world. It was founded in 1955 on the proposal of Gabriel Hanot, French sports journalist and editor of “L’Équipe”. In total 78 or 79 teams participate in the tournament, but after the group stage there are only 32 teams that are fighting for the title of the champion. The tournament became the winner of 22 clubs, 12 of them won the tournament more than once. Spanish clubs won in the tournament 17 wins. The record holder for the number of titles won is the Spanish club Real Madrid, who won the tournament 12 times. Since the change of name and format of the tournament in 1992, only Real Madrid was able to win the Champions League for two seasons in a row (seasons 2015/2016, 2016/2017).The British press reported to Hanot  that “Wolverhampton Wanderers”, which won “Spartak” and “Honved” in the autumn of 1954, is the strongest club in the world. Hanot come the idea to find out who really is the strongest club in the world to hold a competition that includes both home and guest matches. The next day, Hanot published a possible tournament project, and in January 1955, the first European Cup.The first draw of the Cup took place in 1955/56, was a knockout tournament, where each round was played in two matches. Home game, and also guest. Until 1992, the champions of countries and the last winner of the European Champions Cup took part in the drawing. Since the season was like in 1991/92, the format of the tournament was changed, it included a group round, and the following year the tournament changed its name, becoming the Champions League. Then followed several changes in the number of qualifying stages. In the season held in 1997/98 in the tournament began to participate teams that took second place in several countries (in accordance with the table of coefficients of UEFA). The system of qualifying rounds was rebuilt so that the champions of countries with low odds could participate in one or more qualifying stages before the start of the group stage, and teams from countries with a high coefficient would enter the fight later. At the moment, the countries with the highest odds are represented in the Champions League by four clubs.In the period from 1960 to 2004, the owner of the European Champions Cup participated in the now canceled Intercontinental Cup against the owner of the South American Cup Libertadores. Now the winner of the Champions League participates in the Club World Cup – tournament under the auspices of FIFA. The number of places in the draw depends on the UEFA coefficient table:For example,·Associations occupying in the table from 1 to 3 places, represent the first 4 teams;·Associations occupying the table with 4 to 6 places, represent the first 3 teams;·Associations occupying the table from 7 to 15 place, represent the first 2 teams;·Associations occupying in the table with 16 places and below, represents 1 team.The place in the table also determines from which stage the clubs enter the raffle. For example, 3 clubs from the first 3 associations immediately fall into the group stage and the fourth in the playoffs. In the 2004/05 season the English club Liverpool won the Champions League, but won the 5th place in the championship of England, while another English club Everton is 4th. The Football Association of England has decided to give a ticket to Everton, but UEFA has agreed that both Merseyside clubs will participate in the Champions League: Liverpool from the first qualifying round, and Everton from the third. Since then, UEFA has decided that the winner of the Champions League automatically falls into the group round of the next drawing, regardless of the place he took in the national championship. In addition, until the 2014/15 season, no country could exhibit more than four participants. Since the first three countries in the UEFA rating delegate to the Champions League for 4 teams, then if the winner was a representative of such a country and he did not occupy a place in his championship that gives the right to participate in the Champions League, the team that took the championship 4th place, went to the Europe League. Starting with the season 2015/16 due to the admission to the Champions League of the winner of the Europe League of the previous season, the maximum quota from one country was increased to five teams. And now the team that takes the 4th place in the championship of one of the three leading countries will go to the Europe League only if both winners of the previous season’s European Cups,representing the same country, do not take places in their championship that entitle them to participate in the league champions. In order to be eligible for the draw, the club must meet certain criteria: ·Any club must have a license of its national association, ·Have a stadium admitted by UEFA for the competition, ·An appropriate infrastructure and meet financial requirements.


The tournament
consists of several stages and begins with four qualifying rounds. Teams must
play 2 games (at home and away). The winner of the sum of two meetings falls
into the next qualifying round. After passing all the qualifying rounds, the
teams get into the group stage, together with the teams that got there
directly. As a result of the draw, the teams are divided into 8 groups of 4
teams each. As a result of the group stage, the first two teams go into the
playoffs, and the team, which took the third place in the group, enters the
1/16 finals of the Europe League. Next is a draw in the 1/8 finals. Its
conditions are as follows:

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·Representatives of one country (association) and a team from one group should not play with each other.·Holders of the first places the first matches are held at a party.·Winners of the teams play with the teams that took second place.
The teams hold 2 matches, on the basis of which they decide who passes in the quarter finals. The draw at this stage does not provide for any restrictions. The quarterfinals are followed by the semi-finals, and then the final, consisting of one match at a neutral stadium. The stadium is selected in advance by the UEFA Commission from the applicants who submitted the application. He must meet all the necessary requirements, having 5 stars in the UEFA rating.Some information about money:
First qualifying round: € 200,000 Second qualifying round: € 300,000 Third qualifying round: € 400,000 Teams eliminated in the final selection stage: € 3,000,000 Teams that won the final selection: € 2,000,000 Payment for participation in the group stage: € 12 000 000 Victory in the group stage match: € 1,500,000 Draw in the group stage match: € 500,000 The first round of the playoffs: € 5,500,000 Quarter-finals: € 6,000,000 Semifinal: € 7,000,000 Losing in the final team: € 10 500 000 Finals Winner: € 15,000,000   

In the 2015/16 season
UEFA will award € 2 million to each team that entered the Champions League and
also pays € 12 million for participation in the group stage. For each victory
in the group stage, € 1.5 million is awarded, for a draw of € 500,000. € 5.5 million
is paid for the entry into the first stage of the playoffs, € 6 million to each
quarter-player, € 7 million to each semi-finalist, € 10, 5 million finalist and
€ 15 million winner


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