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(c) If the floors get wet during the course of work, these should be drained. (d) All inside walls, partitions, ceilings or tops of rooms and all sides, tops of passages and staircases shall: (i) Where they are painted or varnished, be re-varnished at least once in every five years and be cleaned at least once in every fourteen months. (ii) In any other case, white-washed, or colour washed at least once in every fourteen months. (2) Effective arrangements should be made for the disposal of wastes and effluents.

(3) Effective and suitable provisions shall be made for securing and maintaining adequate ventilation by the circulation of fresh air and maintain­ing such a temperature as will secure to workers reasonable conditions of comfort and prevent injury of health. (4) If dust or fume of such other impurity is produced in the factory by reason of manufacturing process effective measure shall be taken to prevent its inhalation and accumulation in any workroom. (5) No stationary internal combustion engine shall be operated unless the exhaust is conducted into open air and no other internal combustion engine shall be operated in any room unless effective measures have been taken to prevent such accumulation of fumes there from as are likely to be injurious to workers employed in the room. (6) No room in a factory shall be overcrowded to an extent, injurious to the health of the workers employed therein. (7) Sufficient and suitable lighting shall be provided and maintained in very part of the factory where workers are working or passing. (8) All glazed windows and skylights use for the lighting of the work­room shall be kept clean on both the inner and outer surfaces and kept free from obstruction. (9) As far as possible effective provision shall be made for the preven­tion of: (a) Glare, either directly from a source of light or by reflection from a smooth or polished surface.

(b) The formation of shadows to such an extent as to cause eyestrain or the risk of accident to any worker. (10) Effective arrangements shall be made to provide and maintain sufficient supply of wholesome drinking water. In a factory where more than 250 workers are ordinarily employed, provision shall be made for cooling drinking water in hot weather. (11) Sufficient latrines and urinal accommodation of prescribed types shall be provided at convenient place, separate for male and female workers.

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Suitable arrangements shall be made for sanitation and cleanliness of such places. (12) Sufficient number of spittoons shall be provided at convenient places and they shall be maintained in a clean and hygienic condition. No person shall spit outside the spittoons. Anybody violating this rule shall be punishable with fine not exceeding rupees five.

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