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Trevor ConsoliMr. Closs & Mr. YagerWorld History Block B1/9/2018David Hume    David Hume was known as one of the most important philosophers ever. He wrote essays explaining his ideas of human nature. Hume was trying to find out how the human mind worked and how knowledge was obtained. In these essays was known for using the ideas of empiricism which is the idea that concepts are formed from experience. Other important people such as  John Locke and Francis Bacon were also empiricists. David Hume is a big influence because of all of his work in philosophy.    He was born on May the 7th 1711 in Edinburgh the capital of Scotland. His father died when David was just two years old. His mom homeschooled David along with his brother and sister. When David was eleven his mom sent him to Edinburg University with his older brother. In the university he studied modern, ancient and natural philosophy. His mom wanted him to have a legal career but he wanted to become a philosopher. With his small inheritance he moved to France because the land was cheaper and he could go to college. He questioned calvinism as he grew up and realised that he did not share beliefs with the religion he was taught as a kid. He died in 1776 from cancer at age 65 and in his lifetime he published many influential essays.    David Hume is known for all of his work about human nature and philosophy. “A Treatise of Human Nature” was his first publication and it came out in 1738. This was considered to be one of his most important works and it was one of the most important works in the history of philosophy. The Treatise is made up of three books “Of the understanding”, “Of the passions” and “Of the will and direct passions”. He wrote another book called “An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding”. This book is about human knowledge and how all knowledge is derived from experience. In this he talks about belief , an example he gave is that when glass drops people would expect it to break or believe it will break. David was very influential and still to this day is influencing philosophers with his work.     On August the 25th 1776 Hume passed away at the age of 65 from colorectal cancer which was in his intestines. In his lifetime he made many amazing books and essays that influenced many people including Albert Einstein. He was important to founding of the british renaissance and the scottish enlightenment. With his work on empiricism he is known as a very iconic figure to philosophers today. He made books and essays questioning his religion (calvinism) which he has been around since he was a child. One of these books was “The natural history of religion”. Being named the most important philosophers ever David Hume is a very influential person to many people.    David Hume is a big influence because of all of his work in philosophy. He was the best philosopher to ever write in english and is deeply influential and inspired many things that are happening today.Works CitedCranston, Maurice, and Thomas Edmund Jessop. “David Hume.” Encyclopædia Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 6 Dec. 2017,, Peter, and Geoffrey Madell. Understanding Hume. Barnes & Noble, 1992.Morris, William Edward, and Charlotte R. Brown. “David Hume.” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Stanford University, 26 Feb. 2001,

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