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Transnational terrorism in Afghanistan, transformed from a peripheral issue, to one of the most pressing issues and a prominent security challenge that is currently affecting Afghanistan. Furthermore, this situation has been fueled by the poor governing of the Afghanistan Government in which has been subjected to corruption and a fragile rule of law. Moreover, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda are still very prominent within Afghanistan, therefore resulting in thousands of people being killed in horrendous and inhumane acts. As the intensity of the fight has elevated mid year of 2016, approximately 300,000 people were internally displaced, which brought the nationwide total to about 1.3 million internally displaced people. As the condition in Afghanistan bears no end in sight, more action is necessary from governments across the world, in order to bring an end to this longlasting controversy.Afghanistan has suffered from instability and continuous conflict that has reflected on its economy and government. Norway, being an active contributor to the humanitarian and military aid to Afghanistan, has sent over 9,000 Norwegian Army Personnel, which had served in Afghanistan from 2001-2014. Norway has also spent at least 20 billion Norwegian krone, 11.5 billion Norwegian Krone was spent on military assistance, and 8.4 billion Norwegian Krone was spent on the humanitarian aid aspect. Norway were recognized for three prominent actions they undertook whilst in Afghanistan. Norway’s Provincial Reconstruction Team, were in the Faryab Province from 2005-2012, in which they established several programs for civilian aid, as well as provided for the education sector in that province. Secondly, the Norwegian Special Forces as well as the Norwegian Intelligence Service, contributed to forming the Afghan Crisis Response Unit. Thirdly, the Norwegian Diplomats, were one of the first people to establish contact between themselves and the Taliban in order to advocate for a political solution.  The delegation of Norway also believes that due to its extensive involvement in the Afghanistan situation, that NATO in turn should assist Norway by sending troops to its Arctic Borders because of Russia’s increased military activity alongside the border. The Norwegian Defence Minister also believes that NATO has had an immense shift away from Norway and the frontiers of where the Cold War took place. Furthermore, since NATO considers Norway an important member, and the delegation of Norway believes that keeping up with the responsibilities in Afghanistan is crucial.Overall, the delegation of Norway, believes that security and safety problems in the world are extremely complicated, and that several political and military solutions need to be proposed in order to bring a stop to this pressing issue that is currently facing our world. Furthermore, terrorism as a whole should be fought across national borders.

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