2. stories that touch upon the domestic problems

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Every reporter should remember that a newspaper’s reputation for fairness and reliability rests upon an accurate presentation of the facts. 3. You should also keep in your mind, while writing about the facts, the number and class of people who would be interested in them as well as the need for printing them while they still have news values. 4. The geographical nearness of an event does add to its interest. 5.

The readers have a lot of interest in all sorts of contests. 6. News stories regarding the miseries of the people, helplessness of old people, children and animals also never fail to have an emotional appeal.

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7. News concerning the well known local, national or international personalities is also welcomed by the readers. 8. Even the stories that touch upon the domestic problems faced by the people, business interests of the people and industrial unrest, also command the attention of the public.

There is no doubt that all the features mentioned above are quite important and any of them will contribute greatly to make a story newsworthy. But you should always remember that none of these is absolutely essential. The main essential pre-requisite is that the news should be based upon facts and it should present a news situation or problem or even a new face of an old situation or problem.

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