internet crimes are causing huge problems for the society, personally,
financially and even in matters of national security. Computer security and
computer ethics are important in the field of management Information System
(MIS). Computer security and computer ethics awareness are for among students
as per computer science major or Information technology majors.  Nowadays, the innovation of new technology is
rapidly arising and becoming one of the basic necessities. With the dawn of the
computer age, people have become dependent on new technology because it
provides great help and contributes a lot in improving and delivering quality
service, and gives solutions to the problems that the traditional processes
produces. Therefore, the use of technology should be controlled and guided. Computer
security is talks about the protection of computer systems and all of the data that
the users or manipulator are accessing. It becomes a big concern in the
environment over the past few years. Stealing hundreds of millions of credit
cards, compromising tens of thousands of social security numbers and health
records. This is all done by exploiting vulnerabilities in software or more
often taking an advantage of unintentional decisions made by people using
software. People committing internet crimes don’t fit a single profile
motivation. It could be anyone from international terrorist or teenager
competing for bragging rights. Today the countries don’t only have regular army
but also have armed cyber army. The main aim of all internet crimes is economic
reasons. This is most crimes are committed with the goal of making money and
wealth. The large scale internet crime affects the economy badly and is present
in every developed or developing countries.

scams is against the law where it is a practice of a cybercriminal or hacker
attempting to get or obtain sensitive or personal information from a computer
user.  Online Harassment are those who
personally experienced being stalked, have been sexually harassed, physically threatened,
someone has try to purposefully embarrass them, and maybe some internet users
have been called some name that are offensive. Age and gender are not the basis
of online harassment. Many young women ages from 18 to 24 experience certain
types of harassment. They have been stalked online and were target for sexual
harassment. Cyberstalking is a crime where the attacker harasses the victim
using electronic communication, like e-mail or instant messaging and messages. All
of the said computer crimes are invasion of privacy. It is bad and illegal. There
are many types of internet crimes. An example is blackmailing the crime. Using the
internet to threaten and to cause damaged with the intent and extort from any
person, any money or other thing of value. Some types of Internet crime are Internet
scams and cyberstalking that is because Internet crimes usually target people
from different areas or dimensions, where they are finding and scolding guilty
participants where it is complicated and dangerous. Criminals are those who are
using computer networks or devices to advance other ends. It includes Fraud and
identity theft for Information war fare. The computer may have been used in the
commission of a crime, or it may be the target. Nation’s security and financial
health may threaten a person by Cybercrime.

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