“Today my leadership abilities, make this opportunity very

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 “Today it is fundamental not only to increase
production, but do it in a way that does not damage the environment,”

This was part from the speech of the FAO Director-General  Jose Graziano da Silva, in his speech
at an award ceremony for us at CIHEAM’s institute in Bari 2017, that I have finished my one year Master in it in Sustainable agriculture, which encouraged me more for
seeking more study to gain more solid theriotical and practical knowledge for
supporting this mission ,as the scientific research and innovation are
essential elements for sustainable development.

 I am writing to apply for the program which I
strongly believe is a compatible program with my study background and work
experience. Indeed, I am very interested in doing my master degree in the field
of enviromental engineering, I have a bachelor in agricultre scince,and one
year diploma from greece in horticulture,and the last but not least from bari
in sustainable agriculture.

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I believe that the knowledge I have gained is little and
there is much more to learn and relearn. So with the knowledge I possess and
desire to learn more, along with my leadership abilities, make this opportunity
very important choice for me. I am sure that a M.S in your university will
definitely widen the horizons of my knowledge and help me attain a milestone in
my career.

There are two reasons why
I believe that this Master is important for me, Firstly, working for a thesis
under the guidance of an expert whose work can serve as a model is the most
effective method of transforming a post graduate student into a largely
independent researcher making significant original contributions. Secondly, the
emphasis of graduate study on intensive and independent study of a specialized
area is an ideal way of making a student capable of reaching the frontiers of
knowledge in a subfield quickly and keeping abreast of the latest developments.

I feel that Szent
István University, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences with its comprehensive
facilities and competent faculty doing quality research work in the field of
Environmental Engineering will be the ideal place for me to pursue graduate
studies. The working atmosphere of a vigorously active department will be
helpful in motivating me towards excellence.

In short, I believe that a good graduate program
is an essential step for realizing my professional ambition of becoming a
competent researcher. I also believe that I possess the motivation,
intellectual ability and preparation to do justice to a demanding graduate
I, therefore, look forward to joining your
department as a graduate studen

also communicate with students in similar circumstances from
many countries that will broaden my horizons this program will offer me
valuable skills that cannot be taught in the classroom.Also being with
different nationalities students in similar circumstances and interacting
together will teach me different new skills and more information.





After finishing my master degree, I would like to devote
myself to my country in the research sectors,i have some connections from
university professors that are supporting me and have a places for different
breeding projects for solving/improving our critical economical crops we are
cultivating, and also i have some friends working in entrepreneur projects in
agriculture for improving crops, creative ideas for planting new areas that
face problems and need more research and solutions,so also will be one of my
interest to get more knowledge about it from my scholarship.

I strongly believe that taking this master degree will
provide me with the best preparation to embark my career and help my country.

Going and living in a different country will gives me the
chance to learn a new language in a native environment, and I do not think
there is any better way to internalize a language and develop fluency than
this, it will allow me to bring together all of my past experiences and combine
them with this new and exciting opportunity.

All those skills, i will dedicate them for my major study
and my life mission which is improving the food for others, and increase the
production by all possible ways so as to over come the hunger in poor African
countries and in all world as well

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