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Today, the fields of Engineering and Technology are continuously changing to accommodate new concepts and applications. These fields when combined with management give rise to a vast application potential.   The immense possibility of Business Interchange and the instant knowledge of the outcome that stimulates one for further analysis is what I find most appealing about management. Hence, I intend to pursue my masters in Engineering Management. Right from the beginning, I was exposed to different innovative ideas and applications which motivated me to decide on Computer Science as my discretionary subject in junior college. During my school days, I learned basics of computer assets and languages like C/C++ basics through which I learned to create programs and resolve bugs in a structured and logical way. After schooling, I decided to pursue Engineering in Electronics and Communication. The undergraduate engineering curriculum gave me a strong grasp of technical principles.  During this term, I got a chance to relate the theory with its real-world relevance, which gave a lift to the inquisitive engineer in me. The most memorable memories I have are those of the college cultural and sports festivals. I hosted various festivals which were conducted at our college. I actively participated in various activities such as paper presentation, poster making, documentary, hosting events, leading yoga and cardio workshops, organizing various extracurricular activities for my department and class. I am an athlete, also national level player of volleyball and basketball. My college won many state and national level basketball tournaments under my captaincy. All these activities nurtured leadership, managerial and teamwork skills.During my final year, I decided to do project named as “Pick and Place Robot”. This project made use of an Android phone for robotic controls with the help of Bluetooth technology. To move the robot to different directions commands were sent from the android mobile to the Bluetooth receiver which was placed in the robot. The receiver receives the command and gives it to the microcontroller circuit to control the motor. The microcontroller then transmits the signal to the motor driver IC’s to operate the motor. This project required strong programming skills and a good understanding of microcontrollers and its peripherals. My role in this project included the creation of UMI diagrams, Timeline Charts, SRS, Project Planning, Algorithms and development of graphical user interface. I am currently working as a Software Engineer in Syntel Private Limited, since October 2015 for the client “Allstate Insurance Company of Canada”. My role involves development, Application Support and Maintenance of Insurance Policy Administration System for an offshore part. I have been actively involved in Requirement Gathering, Technical Solution Design, Unit Testing and System Testing, debugging the issues in compliance with CMMI Dev Level 5 requirements. Technical hands-on exposure involves C, Java, Web Services – SOAP and Rest UI, XML, HTML, WSDL, XSD, python.We follow the agile methodology and my role is to develop and maintain the WebPages using a proprietary tool developed by the Allstate group named as Tenfold and is a mixed combination of programming languages such as C and Java. I gained proficiency in front-end development and working under the pressure of meeting the deadline, solving every small bug to testing the whole live system, solving customer related issues and coming up with best possible solutions. As a whole, I can say working for an IT firm made me well versed in the growing technologies and day to day challenges.Engineering Management program is an interdisciplinary program that bridges the gap between the fields of engineering, innovation, and business. A Masters in Engineering Management will enable me to make a vocation in something I am enthusiastic about. I need to have the capacity to utilize the aptitudes and the instruction got from my college degree alongside the managerial skills accomplished from the course to achieve their effective culmination. The Master’s program in Engineering Management of the University of Windsor without a doubt will give me the correct knowledge, skills, and experience to pursue that dream and use the opportunities to the fullest extent. Another reason to choose from Windsor University as a destination for further studies is the variety of culture it has accommodated. With such ethnic variety, the level of introduction one can get is huge. A presentation of such level will help me to disguise myself in any piece of the world. The chance to communicate and comprehend different societies will aid both individual and career improvement. On successful completion of the program, I will get the Master’s degree that will be acknowledged not simply in Canada and India, but rather over the globe. So I wish to pursue my Master’s degree in Engineering Management from your esteemed university as it will give me the right amount of exposure, knowledge and real-life projects and internships that will help me build a successful career. I, therefore, hope that your university will outfit me with such sprouting chances to get ready for what’s to come and that I am considered for Master of Engineering Management at your prestigious university.

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