To make the fight against ISIS in Iraq more operative and beneficiary, the government has decided to carry out targeted airstrikes against ISIS in and eastern Syria, as well.  To promote the political process, the Netherlands will continue to assist the Syrian opposition throughout the talks on the country’s future and will increase its funding for the team led by UN envoy Staffan de Mistura. The Netherlands will also give advice and financial backing to Syrian women’s organizations to strengthen their involvement in the political process. This year, the Netherlands is allocating €75 million to alleviate humanitarian suffering resulting from the Syrian crisis. This is €25 million more than the originally planned €50 million. The money will be used to provide aid  in areas that are still under siege by the Assad regime and other terrorist groups. Some of the money will be given to the Red Cross in Syria and will be spent on food aid, drinking water, medicines and supplies.   These resolutions are hoped to combat ISIS growth, as well as protect The Netherlands citizens as well.  To combat ISIS The Netherlands believe we should focus on military containment of ISIS as well.  If every country halted trade with ISIS’s oil business, then ISIS revenue will increasingly decrease.  Military containment, is much more effective then airstrikes, because although containment requires much more patience and resilience, it ultimately will decrease the amounts of civilian casualties, as well decrease the spread of another terrorist group from forming of the ashes of ISIS.  Also, tighter security and regulations, must be implemented, following the lead of the United States.  European Countries, that are in ISIS’s reach, must focus more on security integration, opposed to social and economic integration in order to halt the spread of ISIS and tits attacks, on European nations.  The European Union must focus on treating each state with the same strong security means, in order to decrease the spread of  ISIS.  By taking a more defensive approach, along with offensive victories, the scales will soon tip in the UN’s favor and ISIS will no longer reign.  

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