To begin with, virtual world is
another world that made by us — humans. It’s a computer-based online
community that let’s you interact with other people around the world through
technology. There are two types of virtual world: Entertainment-based, which
means it’s a 3-D games that lets you create a character — another persona of
yourself to compete, battle, and also to interact with other different
characters that you’ll get to interact with in the game. Second is, Social Interaction-Based,
which means you let yourself interact by means of education by participating in
different kinds of experience, like for example; socializing with the
community, taking part in political debates or experiments, and attending
educational sessions.

If we have virtual
world then we also have the real world. But let me ask you, what does the ‘real
world’ means? If we simply put it into words — real world is not an another
world but it’s a world that we lively interact with the real people and we got
to choose our own decision that would eventually harm no one and it would
basically benefits us. It’s a live situations that we get to experience that
just watching a movie or playing games.

In this case, Mark Zuckerberg,
the founder of Facebook, says that virtual reality is better than the ‘limited’
real world. Yes, Mark has a point  of
stating that the real world is really limited of you want to do beyond your
capacity of doing something that isn’t within your reach. Like you would rather
explore more virtually because it’s the easiest and convenient way to do the
things that you cannot simply do before. It’s not being anti-social or
isolating yourself from the real world but because you’re satisfied with the
life that you have right now, you want to do much better and that’s where the
technology—rather the virtual world comes in.

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In fact, children, ranging from
11 to 18 years old or below, prefers their virtual life than they are to their life
in reality. Because of course, in the virtual they are allowed to be who they
want to be. They can freely express themselves — their true selves,
virtually. But then again, psychotherapist Peter Bradley, states that the
increasing population of children who prefers virtual life than the life they
have in the real world was their fully concern. He also states that ‘We can’t
allow the cyber worlds to be the happier places than our real communities,
otherwise we are creating a generation of young people not functioning
adequately in our society’.

Is virtual reality
going to make us withdraw from the real world? A lot of statements from different
person who created or engage to the technology world their point-of-view as to
what virtual world really gives us. To sum it all up, virtual world is not
something they created to be isolated from the real world, but in fact their
games encourage more people to look up to the real world differently and as if
they’re in the game. Like for an instance, they want to produce games or any addicting
thing online that people would reflect in their lives if they’re choosing the
right decision to move forward in life. As if the games helps you to survive in
the challenges you need to overcome in your life.

Which world is real —
virtual or the real world? According to the supporters of the virtual reality
community, that the future VR and the computer technology could change the
nature of communication, bringing people around the world closer together.
Furthermore, according to Clifford Stoll, Internet Pioneer, that having too
much dependence on this kind of communication can isolate people from real
relationship with their own families and friends, and that’s the kind of world
we fear of having.

The real and virtual
worlds are melting together, just like the social science studies says that the
division of the real and virtual world is narrowing. ‘Our experiences of
reality may no longer constitute a duality’, ‘No longer can we think of a
‘real’ world opposed to being online'(Jurgenson, Nathan). It’s a part wherein
we think that the real and virtual world is alike. We can’t fully distinguish
the difference between the two.


Of course, as the
years passes by, technology improves to be more convenient and easy to use by
the people around the world. People could also do the things that they can’t do
in the reality. That’s why we have technology to be the answer to our worries.
On the positive side, technology has helped us in our everyday life — talk to
our loved ones all over the world, educational purposes, entertainment to
release stress and many more and on the negative side, it could eat us—physically,
mentally, and psychologically. It could harm us and isolate our self from the
reality and that’s the scariest thing a person could ever think of. Important
to realize that we shouldn’t rely beyond the limit of what is needed when it
comes to technology. It’s okay to use technology whenever you’re bored but just
don’t forget your real you in the real world.

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