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To take into consideration, the ethical implications of our product, it is vital to consider all the ethical aspects that relate to the product ensuring that the product is ethical. One of the ethical aspect that needs to be discussed is security in terms of payment, login, logout, data protection, security and protecting customers personal information. To tackle these issues, we will make sure that there is a secure payment to keep the information of the customers safe such as PayPal, keeping it in house, identification data, encryption, password identification, having a secure server and making sure that we only collect relevant information data of the customers only. All these issues will be discussed in further detail below.Collecting payments from the customers has an ethical aspect because if we lose the customer bank details or pass it onto third parties this will be ethically wrong.  To win the customers trust we will make sure we will obtain a SSL certificate, this can be achieved through by registering our website with a digital authentication. By having a digital certificate, it validates the website that the customer is currently on is the correct one. The digital certificate assures customers that the website is legitimate, and their information is encrypted. By implementing an online shopping website, the customer will be able to buy our phone case made from recyclable and add the items to the shopping cart. When the customer is ready to pay and click the checkout link, the website will automatically take the user to our secure server, where their will enter their credit card information. To make sure that our payments are ethical and secure we will implement a system to process the credit card payments and an internet merchant account with a bank. We will take payments through PayPal which is renowned for sending and getting money online. By using PayPal, it is a secure way of making payments, as PayPal is a big company it has more than enough security and customer protection. There are several ways that PayPal is a secure way of sending and getting payments such as data security. This means that PayPal’s website is secure and encrypted, as mentioned above will make sure that our website has a secure connection so therefore, any data that we interchange with PayPal it will be secure because it will be secreted from potential hackers and other individuals. Security with PayPal is very tight as it uses the same security features as a huge financial businesses and companies that specialise in finance. Another feature that highlights that PayPal is safe that all your information is kept in one place rather than spreading your information around so therefore if something happens you could just secure your PayPal account rather than cancelling your cards. So, PayPal is one of the easiest and safest way of paying online. By adding this it will win the trust of the customers assuring them that the payment has gone through and their vital information is secure which is an ethical aspect.To make our data secure we plan to implement data encryption. This means that our data will be automatically translated into an undisclosed code. So therefore, by implementing encryption it is one of the best ways of making sure that our data is secure, and no other parties can access it. The way that encryption works is that to read an encrypted file one must have know the secret key or passwords that will allow you to decrypt the file. The reason why we are implementing data encryption is because we want to make sure that our data is ethical meaning that data cannot be accessed by anyone else. The ultimate aim of data encryption is to guard digital data such as bank details as it is stored on your computer then transferred onto the internet. Encryption works by using a modern encryption algorithm, the algorithms allow confidentiality and drive key security that allows authentication. Authentication allows for confirmation of a text source moreover; data encryption gives the user the proof that the message has not been changed from the original message. Encryption is used for the purpose of protecting passwords, payments, personal information and other sensitive information. Only certain individuals can view the encryption key because the text is translated into ciphertext and can only be viewed by using the correct key. This is vital because it will prevent potential hackers of getting data from our website and in the worst case if they do get access the potential hackers will not have the correct key to decrypt the text so, vital information will not be lost.We will only collect relevant information such as name, email address to send a confirmation email if the product is brought online, credit card details if our product is bought online and billing address so we can send the product to the customer address. This is ethical because it would be not ethical, and it will be irrelevant of us to gather information that holds no meaning to us.When the user logs onto our system they will have to enter a password, in order to protect the password of the user we will introduce password protection which will not allow unauthorised users to change your password or your personal settings. This works by the system asking you to enter your existing password when you make changes to your account. Another way to protect passwords is by implementing a Two Factor Authentication which basically means that there will be a two step password verification, this is in essence a security for protecting your password and it is known as multi factor authentication. This basically means that our website will ask you for not only a password but also a username and a memorable information. By using a username system, password and a memorable information it will make it harder for the potential hackers to gain your login details and take your personal information such as name, email address, billing details and credit card details.Password identifiable is where the customer personal data could only be identified by the individual only, this could be in the form of encryption. This means that you will require a key to decrypt the data. Password identifiable should only be opened by the users only and it should be stored in a secure server. We will also need to take into consideration The Data Protection Act, this legislation wants us to process data fairly and lawfully. We have a lawful means of collecting data because we are selling goods online, we will not use the data for any other means, we have made it transparent on how we will use the data, we will not lose our data and we will make sure that we will not engage in any illegal activity regarding the data.To conclude we have taken data protection and security from an ethical perspective. We have taken into consideration data protection and security factors regarding payments, data etc. and have provided a way in which we can beat and tackle these potential problems from an ethical perspective.  

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