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I am writing this letter to give my highest possible
recommendation for Aditya Datkhile. I know him through his work in my class and
laboratory. He first approached me two years ago about the possibility of work
in my laboratory for a summer. At our first meeting he described the general
outline of the project the he might work on. He asked challenging questions and
appeared intelligent. After the verbal discussion he found many papers
published on that subject without my assistance and read them carefully. This
was the scenario during the initial week itself and I was pretty impressed at
his motivation and independence.

He obtained funding from a program at our University to work in
the lab for a summer. During that summer, he demonstrated the ability to work
independently with great creativity and enthusiasm. He also put in many long
hours. He worked as hard as my best undergraduate student. He was teamed with
another student to work on a project involving testing of engines having
misfires. He excelled in each one of diagnostic, experimental and research
areas. His interpersonal skills were excellent. Sometimes this testing required
long days due to the extensive setup and calibration of equipment each morning
before the lab began operation. He would even stay hours after the sessions to
discuss future prospects in research of that particular topic.

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The other student working with Aditya commented favorably about
working with him. He said he was insightful would pull his own weight on the
project with ability to middle ground with other team members. One incident
illustrates this point. There is a staff member in an adjoining lab that is a
rather prickly person who has had many problems with students in the past. He had
to interact with this staff person in order to get his project done. He was
able to find a common interest with this staff person, which was musical
instruments, and build a rapport based on this mutual interest. At the end of
the summer the staff person noted what a pleasure it was to work with him. He
also volunteered to help others in the lab. One of the other students was doing
a project on 2 wheeler engine, and it required harvesting old non-functional motorcycles.
I asked the student in charge of that project about him, and he commented that he
has excellent diagnostic skills of repairing, which is the reason why he could
a job offer from HERO MOTOCORP LTD.

I was especially taken by his creative mind and independent work
ethic as he was the National level IC Engine RC car racing winner for many
years. He not was not only an automobile geek but also a great sportsperson.
Because of his innate skills he was able to convert one of his innovations into
a technical start-up as well.

In summary, Aditya is clearly the best
student I have worked with and I would very much like him match to your
post-graduate program. Even though I hope he stays here, I think he would be an
outstanding asset to your program. In my years of career in mechanical
Aditya Datkhile is one of top three students I have worked with, therefore it
is my pleasure to enthusiastically endorse his
candidacy at your
esteemed institute with financial assistance in any form.



AshwinKumar Dhoble, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

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