To answer the research question during
the dissertation, I have used primary data collection. Using primary data
collection allowed me to talk about specific issues to consumers about their
use of Social Media and how these media exactly influence their purchase
decision-making processes.

Data collection was a serious part of
the research since this was the basement of the findings. Moreover, using
primary data gave me a greater control on the collection of information. I have
decided when I wanted to spread the questionnaire online and when I wanted to
stop the collection of information. Data collection has started on the 13th October 2017 and has
finished on 29th December 2017.

collection lasted about 2 months this gave me enough time to collect all the
data analysis and also wait for different responses from consumers. I had about
3 weeks after the collection of the data to analyse all the results in the
questionnaire, having 2 months was a good amount of time to get many
respondents to the questionnaire.

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To create the questionnaire I used google forms. This was a good site to
use as I have used it many times before to create questionnaires so using this
was site was good for me as I knew were and how to use it. Google forms is a
free site it doesn’t have any kind of restrictions to how many questions you
add to the questionnaire.

Having the possibility to collect data
for free with no limitations was an important issue for me since I needed to
ask an important number of questions to be the most specific possible.

Furthermore, I already had the chance to
use Google Forms in the past so I was already familiar with its different
functions available for designing the questionnaire and collecting the
necessary data for the research.

Using Social Media’s platforms and tools
to collect data was very useful
in my research as this allowed me to quickly
share the survey by posting on Social Networks ‘feeds’ and sending messages to
my contacts to ask them to share the survey to their own contacts.

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