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To start off, dogs or cats i pick dogs and i am going to tell you why dogs are smarter than cats also why dogs are easy to train and last dogs protect their owners so let me know which one you pick a the end.These are my reasons dogs are smarter than cats.To begin “Researchers at vanderbilt university found that a dog’s cerebral cortex contains more than twice the neurons of a cat’s brain”. This means that if a dog can contain twice a cat’s brain a dog can store more knowledge than a cat. Not only, dogs can assist disability people and can learn to execute complex task. This shows dogs are smart enough to assist people where they need to go. In addition dogs served in military, and police k-9 units and neuroscience now back general knowledge, history is filled with anecdotal evidence, dogs are smarter than cats. This shows that dogs can serve a military and police cause they can sniff out stuff cats don’t.This is my second reason dogs are easy to train. To start off, “Neurons are cells associated with thinking, planning and complex behaviors,thus strongly related to intelligence and dogs have it way over cats in the neuron department”. This means dogs control their behaviors and dogs can think before they do. Not only dogs can be house-trained and they don’t need litter boxes. This means you won’t have to clean nasty litter boxes or you won’t have litter tracks. In addition dogs can cause destruction but crate train your dog and keep you dog and your home safe while your away. That shows dogs can be trusted to be home alone and you won’t have a mess cats can claw you stuff.This is my last reason dogs protect their owners. To start off, cats are scared of people they run and hide but not all cats also dogs will protect their owners they don’t hide they bark. This means dogs will fight back while cats hide in fear. Not only If dogs are treated with respect they will pay a favor by ensuring the owner comes to no harm. This shows doga will pay favors of protection while cats just sit there. In addition If the owner lets the dog become to aggressive and protective the dog will think you are weak and need of protection. This shows dogs know when their owners are in need of protection.Opponents may say: cats are smarter. But dogs are smarter because they can store more knowledge if they contain twice a cat’s brain. They also may say: cats are easy to train. But dogs are better to train because dogs don’t need litter boxes and you can tie you dog on a leash outside. These are my reasons dogs are better pets than cats.                                   Citations: Craven, Scott. “Are Dogs Smarter than Cats? Yes, and Science Proves It.” USA Today, Gannett Satellite Information Network, 30 Nov. 2017,, Jenna. “Are Dogs Better Than Cats? 10 Reasons Why They Might Be.” The Spruce, 21 Sept. 2017,, scott. “Reasons Why Dogs Become Protective of Their Owner.” Scottsdale Pet Hotel, 21 June 2017,

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