To medically justified and evidence-based. Subjective good

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me the good nursing environment is such
the human rights, values, customs and spiritual beliefs of the
individual, family and community are respected. My
ideal work environment is one that inspires and motivates their
employees. As
nurse holds in confidence personal information and uses judgement in
sharing this information. The nurse shares with society the
responsibility for initiating and supporting action to meet the
health and social needs of the public, in particular those of
vulnerable populations. The nurse demonstrates professional value
such as respectfulness, responsiveness, compassion, trustworthiness
and integrity.

By my self a good nursing environment is the patient has the right to
a good, respectful and fair treatment when he or she deals with
health care staff. The patient must be treated without violating his
or her dignity, belief or privacy. The patient’s individual needs,
mother tongue and culture should be taken into account as much as

The patient has the right to receive good quality health and medical
care. Provide teaching/learning opportunities related to informed
consent,privacy and confidentiality, beneficence and maleficence.
Devolop position statements and guidelines that support human right
and ethical standards. Develop and monitor environmental safety in
the workpalce. (?)

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Use recording and information management systems taht ensure
confidentiality. Treatment must be objectively and subjectively good.
Objectively good therapy is medically justified and evidence-based.
Subjective good therapy means the patient’s experience of good care.

The patient may refuse treatment, part of the treatment or the
procedure. Good quality is the responsibility of every employee, but
especially of the organization responsibility. Quality is built into
everyday activities. Advocate for safe and healthy environment.
Incorporate issues of confidentiality and privacy into a national
code of ethics for nurses. Lobby for involvement of nurses in ethics

To stimulate the health and well-being of motivated rehabilitators
while guiding rehabilitation and acting prophylactically.

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