To solve any issue, the methodology is one of an important step. It is well considered as a methodology
as research a method in a way to find the perfect
solution. Furthermore, it can be defined as principles, rules, and method which is applied to a particular
research. In this chapter will introduce the methods which are going to use for this project for data
collection as per VAT impact on Saudi service (healthcare) sector.

3.2 Research Question

is the impact of VAT implementation in the services
sector (healthcare) on Saudi economy?

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3.3 Research Methodology

For this study, data will be
obtained from different recent published articles, journals and compare it with
the other countries economy. VAT impact on Saudi service (healthcare) sector. Furthermore, this study is going to collect
data from the qualitative method, as VAT
is totally new concept for Saudi Arabia, so better way to apply qualitative
approach. This method more helpful to get
more in-depth idea and better results.
Qualitative methods to collect data give dig deeper results and provide an opportunity to focus on to fine main challenges
and opportunities for better understanding of the topic. Moreover, use of different articles, publish
journal and interview with different individuals to reflect the qualitative
methods. As interviews give real feeling
regarding the topic for better results.

3.4 Population and Sample

The main method is
used as recent publish articles, journals, and
interviews. All interviews are done at King
Abdulaziz University, Faculty of Law. Different lectures from law faculty and
students of law final year are taken as a
sample for this project.

Data collection instruments

As per the
topic VAT impact on service sector in Saudi Arabia use interview and publish
articles approach. For this, data was collected after doing a personal interview with very participants. Interview time duration was 30 minutes.

3.6 Data Analysis

The project uses the qualitative method for
data collection, comparative results analysis between data collection from publishing articles and interviews.

3.6 Reliability
and Validity

To collect data
form qualitative method is more difficult when trying
to set reliability and validity of data.
As researcher mostly depends on
observation and data interview to data collection. Moreover, a researcher shows opinions from interviewees and
transfer the data for facts and analyze
the data for better results. For this project,
the true picture is taken as to use data collection in the more efficient way.

3.7 Methodology

This project focus on VAT impact on
service sector in Saudi Arabia through recent publish articles given online
data and qualitative method.


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