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Panipuri Recipes Maker- Master Chef Cooking Game

Short Description:

Enjoy Panipuri Recipes Maker to make tasty Panipuri with imli water at home.

Long Description:

Panipuri Recipes Maker is pani puri cooking game to make tasty snacks gol gappay with new cooking tools as chef. Super delicious Panipuri is top Asian food from fast food restaurant. Panipuri, also named as Golgappa simply known as street snacks similar to idli and dosa, which is famous in a different region of the world. Its crispy and fried filled with ingredients and used with different flavors of water.

Panipuri Recipes Maker is same as kitchen adventure and cooking app and the best fun game of 2018. Start your perfect food game by mixing all the ingredients of panipuri like potatoes, chickpeas, onion, flour, grains potato salad with vinegary water.mix it well till you get exact pani puri dough to make soft panipuri. Use Panipuri masala to make tasty water for Golgappa. Take oil in pan and put it on the fire  use little bit soda to make panipuri more crunchy.

After baking panipuri in kitchen make hole of these to fill soft ingredient of panipuri like onion black chickpeas and panipuri masala. Check that you have only the right color panipuri so that you can get exact taste. Also, prepare water for this takeout from the refrigerator but be aware too much cold water is dangerous for health. Use different items for garnishing with side dishes to make your panipuri attractive and tasty.

Panipuri Recipes Maker is the best snack cooking game for little boys as well as the game for girls and adults with master cooking skills in cooking mania. Enjoy tasty panipuri with friends and family while watching movies and videos.



Features of Panipuri Recipes Maker:-

*       Best cooking game for girls and boys

*       Time to be a real chef of tasty panipuri

*       Buttons and tilting to make selections

*       Mix all ingredients well to get real taste

*       New cooking tools to make new recipes

*       Prepare new snacks food as master chef

*       perfect food game for snacks food lovers

*       Use garnishing and new flavors of panipuri

*       User-friendly tools and environment for all

*       High graphics quality and realistic sound effects


Enjoy panipuri recipes maker in real chef mania to be professional cook of snacks food. Don’t forget reviews us so that we can make more valuable games for you

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