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Title of SpeechAlison Hayashi #104 Imagine, every night, screams fill the air as bombs rain down on you and your family. You are forced to hide in the shadows and in the ruins of buildings, terrorized of coming out. You hear about a place called America, the land of freedom, goodwill, and peace. Imagine, only wanting a safe life in an accepting country, but instead you are turned away at the airport because of factors out of your control. You can’t control the brutal executions or barbaric bombings occurring consecutively in your country. You are helpless against the Islamist State affiliated extremists who infiltrated your country, and left you stranded without a glimmer of hope. President Donald Trump’s travel ban is the cause for this heavy restriction. The ban prevents entry into the United States for citizens and non-citizens of eight war torn and suspicious countries that don’t qualify for our meanings of “safe.” This ban should be put out of effect because it  is discriminatory, unconstitutional, and there is no evidence that a travel ban would decrease any signs of terrorism. This travel ban discriminates on people who have a certain belief or religion and restricts them from entering our country. On October 17, 2017, Hawaii judge Derrick Watson in a ruling temporarily halted the third version of the travel ban. In the ruling, he stated the order “plainly discriminates on nationality” in which the Ninth Circuit finds obligation towards the federal law and the “interests of the U.S.” This means those who are a specific nationality are prohibited to enter the United States. Refusing entry for a group of individuals into the U.S. and because of their beliefs or practices and sending them back to their threatened country is very unfair and unjust. Most of the restricted countries are Muslim-majority, which causes many to believe this travel ban is a Muslim ban. Watson stated in the ruling that the ban was still discriminating against Muslims although countries were added and excluded. Not only is the ban thought of being discriminatory, but it also violates the First Amendment of the Constitution, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. President Trump singling out individuals of the Muslim-faith contradicts this Amendment. All of these efforts to This order is unconstitutional and doesn’t ensure legality with the law and violated many Amendments in the Constitution. Challengers of the ban state this action violates the fourteenth and fifteenth amendment by refusing entry for certain individuals into the U.S. even though they possess valid visas. According to The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the state of Washington, this order violates the First Amendment of the Constitution (Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion) by preventing those who have Muslim beliefs to enter the U.S. CAIR also argues the order violates the Administrative Procedure Act (a government action can’t be ‘arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion or otherwise not in accordance with law’ or ‘unsupported by substantial evidence.'” This travel ban is clearly unconstitutional and inequitable for those who have Muslim-beliefs or hold valid visas. It isn’t firm if applying a travel ban would decrease the amounts of terrorism in the U.S. The last terrorist attack done by any citizens/non-citizens from any of the restricted countries hasn’t occurred since the 9/11 attacks. In fact, since this attack, security and vetting strengthened greatly to insure this doesn’t happen again. Many judges struggled with finding the effectiveness of the entry ban protecting national security. Personally, I don’t think this order will have any positive effect on our country, but instead will increase tensions with the restricted countries. The supporters of this ban argue it will insure stronger national security and a safer future for America’s citizens. According to a poll conducted by the POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, 6-10 Americans and 84% of GOP voters heavily support the ban. Many argue any independent country has the right to protect their borders. According to multiple interviews conducted by CNN on American citizens who support the ban, majority of them stressed the importance of a an anti-violence country and Our country already has strong vetting and security throughout America. This ban will increase the risk of creating tensions with the restricted countries. Overall, this travel ban is discriminatory towards Muslims, is unconstitutional, and there is no evidence that a travel ban would decrease any signs of terrorism.

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