Throughout as they developed different types of governments.

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Throughout ancient history, many civilizations have emerged as they changed the course of history while other empires were unable to sustain their empire together. One of the greatest civilizations that rose from a relatively resource-poor region were the Greeks in the 9th century. Prior to the emergence of the Greeks, the Persian kingdom played an important role as they dominated central Asia with the experience of their vast knowledge in military, economics, and politics. The rivalry with the 2-century old Persian civilization, the Greeks emerged and spread across the Mediterranean using their geography, resources, technology and their newly based political power. The Greeks started as a relatively resource-poor region, their main staple food was barley and their culture started emerging as a civilization in the first millennium as their sailors starting experimenting with foreign trade and ideas. The ideas adapted from the foreign trades helped the Greeks be more organized as they developed different types of governments. As they were forming their city-states by sending out colonies, along with geography and politics, technology played an important role in the rise of the Greeks. As the Persian empire was flourishing, during that time period, the Greeks emerge as a small poor region and were able to reach great heights with their main factor of geography, resources and the emergence of the polis. The rivalry with the 2-century old Persian empire had a huge contribution to shaping the Greeks help adapt to Persian ideas on the fields of architecture and politics. Even though Architecture and Politics played an important role in the rise of the greeks but, the main and the first reason was due to its geography resources. As the book ‘The Earth and its people’ states “Because Greece was a relatively resource-poor region..” The Greek agricultural skills were lacking huge river valleys and the skills for proper irrigation. The war with the Persians and the constant sea-borne trade with other civilizations helped them involve in the cultivation of grains, vines, olives and many more. Since Greeks had access to foreign goods and their empire started to flourish as the Greek population was increasing resulting in village expansion. Greece soon became a collection of city-states or polis, they all cherished independence and conflict between were very common. These small wars between the city-states became so common, the soldiers fighting in the war were farmers from the city-state. The common war between city-states pressurized the population to move in parts of the Mediterranean and western Asia. Encounter with different cultures note only helped them form a greek identity, it helped us and them to realize how the environment and geography changed the way things interacted with each other. In every great civilization or empire, technology is one of the main factors for either its growth or its downfall. The Persian empire was flourishing and the Greeks were emerging as a small poor region, they were able to reach great heights with their technological and military tactics from the city-states of Sparta and Athens. Trade existed from Minoan and Mycenaean times because of that the Greeks were brilliant in the skill of trading as they had many of the Greek city-states near the sea for international trade. Out of all the city-states, Athens was the biggest and wealthiest trading centers, as they fed their enormous population through trade. Trade was possible because Athens was able to produce olives and instead they exchanged grains and military weapons. As the Athens was known for their trading skills which helped them spread; the Spartans were known for their technological advancement through time and trade. The typical Spartan soldier was more superior than the other soldiers of different city-states. They were good at paying the personal price for military purpose, at the age of 7 the Spartan kids are taken away from there families and trained harshly to become a professional Spartan Soldier. The Spartans were the first to go away of trade and instead fight and conquer other lands. This activity helped the Greek civilization in general as they were spreading faster than ever before. Even though the city-state of Athens was the trading hub, they took a different path by possessing a large populous region of Africa. From conquering different parts of the Mediterranean and the Africa, the Greeks started to rise from a small resource-poor region to a vast enormous region with the help of both trading and war-fare technological skills.

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