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Throughout my life
experiences, I have realized there are many important things which form the
foundation of our life, but from my perspective, there are three things
important to me.


Firstly, my health is
critical to me because when I am healthy, I could use my potential to the
maximum and could lead a world-class life. 

When I workout, I feel
the positive energy flowing into my body which results in burning of stress as
well as fat from my body.

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I have realized that by
becoming healthier, I will undoubtedly lead a more productive and better life.


Secondly, my time is
significant to me because time is priceless and when I will use my time wisely
and judiciously I could achieve greatness. 

I have started
monitoring my daily activities with a timer which has made me more productive. Moreover,
it helps me work more objectively towards my goals.

Most importantly, I can
complete my tasks more quickly which has made me more efficient.


Thirdly, my goals are
important to me because they motivate and inspire me to become an extraordinary
person. Also, they help me utilize my potential and further helps me push
limits each day so that I can achieve the greatness I desire. My goals
have given me an opportunity to evolve and grow. Furthermore, my goals have expanded my vision of success, increased
my focus and helped me make better decisions as compared to a person who has no

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