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the history there have been many moments that could be defined as great and
others that could be considered failures. Even though we were mostly shadowed
by other nations and countries Canada had times where we stood out from
everyone else and took charge. The Greatest achievements or moments in Canadian
history is Vimy Ridge, the discovery of insulin in Canada and that as a country
we learn from past mistakes.

April 9th-12th, 1917, in WWI our valiant soldiers fought
tooth and nail with the enemy to retake the seven-kilometer ridge in the
northern part of France around Arras called Vimy Ridge. This ridge was a very
strategic point for you could see more of France than anywhere else in the
country. This was the fight where Canada broke free of Britain’s grasp and
became their own independent country and proved there worth. Previous attacks
were unsuccessful by the British and French and resulted in around 150,000
casualties. For this battle Canadians practiced on models of the ridge to let
the soldiers practice, dug tunnels from the back lines to the front to deliver
solders safely to the front line and had Arial photos of the ridge. A very
important part of this assault was the creeping barrage that would fire on the
enemy at certain times.1 “Chaps, you shall go over
exactly like a railroad train, on time, or you shall be annihilated,” said the
Canadian Corps Commander Sir Julian Byng warning his soldiers that if they
didn’t stay on time the creeping barrage would kill them.2 The Canadians successfully
took Vimy Ridge from the enemy after many unsuccessful attempts from British
and French soldiers and broke free from Britain’s grasp. This battle greatly
helped Canada gain independence from Britain.3

Canada’s history we have made many mistakes such as when residential schools
were around, and we sent native American children to make them forget their
culture and assimilate into white culture. We learned from this and now know
that this is wrong and will never be done again. The battle at Vimy ridge we
learned from the previous attacks mistakes and worked around them so we could
take the ridge. I think that this is Canada’s most important quality because
this is one of the things Canada is most known for, unlike other countries (The
United States). We have learned that all races and religions are ok as we have in
the past had internment camps and residential schools and now we are a multi-cultural
society that accepts any race or religion.  

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years scientist thought that the way to prevent diabetes was something to do
with the pancreas and to controlling a metabolism that’s normal. Until an experiment
conducted at the university of Toronto in 1921. This experiment was a totally
new approach and was suggested by Dr. Frederick Banting. Diabetes was known for
many centuries and was only really understood at the end of the 19th
century. Diabetes was at first thought to be a stomach or liver problem so
researchers went to studying the pancreas right away by feeding patients that
had diabetes the pancreas and using other methods but almost all the results
were negative and didn’t prove anything. Frederick Banting, John J.R. Macleod and
James Collip were the team that conducted the experiment at the university of
Toronto. In the spring of 1921 they were able to officially announce insulin
and its discovery and in 1923, both MacLeod and Banting got Nobel Prize. “in
insulin there is glory enough for all.”  Said a scientist that dismissed the honors
dispute with this comment. This was one of the most important breakthrough in
modern medicine treating millions of diabetic patients. Since this was coming
from Canada and was so important Canada was recognized by everyone for this
massive breakthrough. 45

Through out our history
we have had many moments where we are in the spot light, where we can show how strong
we are. The battle of Vimy ridge, the discovery of insulin and that we as a country
learn from past mistakes. This is what makes Canada really great.

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