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Throughout the Civil
War, soldiers spent very little time in battle and most of it at camps; which
consisted of little to nothing to do. For entertainment, soldiers depended on
game cards and reading and writing letters for entertainment. In the camps, there
was inadequate shelter, unhealthy food, which caused diseases and illnesses to
spread across the camps rapidly. The Union army ate a small diversity of meals
which consisted of hardtack, raw pork, and coffee. Fruits and vegetables were
not prevalent in soldier’s diets, which caused a weakness in immune systems,
and vitamin deficiencies. Soldiers began to eat dried vegetables, such as
tomato skins, and carrots. The vegetables were dried and then flattened into a
thin sheet and boiled. Fruits and vegetables
were major components in Confederate soldiers’ diets, and it consisted up
potatoes, lambs quarter, and thistle. The Soldiers on both the North and
South had unhealthy camps, which assisted in the outbreaks of body lice in many
soldiers’ clothing. Soldiers lived outdoors in tents and in unclean conditions
which caused not only body lice, but other illnesses to spread as well.

kinds of weapons and artillery were used during the Civil War; cannons played a
main role in the war as they could produce major blows and impacts that could
slow down the enemy. In order to maneuver and work a cannon during the war,
multiple men were needed; some were needed to sponge the barrel in order to
avoid unintentional explosions, and to carry cannon balls and ammo from behind,
and a couple of men to push the powder and projectile to the back of the
cannon. The Union had a major advantage in artillery due to the fact that the
North had many factories, which they produced weaponry and other items as their
economy was based on infrastructure. Torpedoes were used during the war, these explosive
shells are supposed to look like lumps of coal. The inside of the torpedoes
were hollowed out and were full of gunpowder, and then closed with wax, and
covered in soot to make it unidentifiable. Confederate soldiers dropped the
torpedoes into coal stashes, where they predicted it would be delivered into
the Union warships, which could damage the ship after an explosion.

engineering techniques took place throughout the Civil War; bridges that were
held up by floats to sustain walking or vehicular travel are called pontoon
bridges, or floating bridges.

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