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Because of the specifics of the national character, the USA has always been struggling for justice and the fair resolution of conflicts. Therefore, the traditional idea of justice is inherited in generations, which means that the U. S. has its own approach to the conflicts solution. However, trying to create the peaceful environment with the fair and just system to adhere to, the USA often faces misunderstandings and misconceptions.

Despite the U. S., attempts to create a safer environment, several countries still consider the American idea of justice as a way of intrusion into the state affairs of the other countries. One of the latest news concerning the USA world politics affected not only my community and me, but also the entire country. As China condemned the USA reaction to the government critics’ arrest, the Chinese leaders criticized the political position of the USA and suggested that the country is trying to intrude into the other states’ affairs.

Since such supposition is nothing but an erroneous judgement carried under the spur of emotions, there is not a single grain of truth in this statement. It seems to me that such judgement, with the arguments both far-reaching and far-fetched, discredits the image of the USA in front of the entire world, not mentioning that it sets the reason for the international conflict. Since Chinese government is making the assumptions which are likely to inflame the international scandal, it seems to me that the situation must be somewhat tackled.

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There is no doubt that the U. S. system of handling the international affairs is rather peculiar, yet the other countries have no reason to claim that America is trying to intrude into the other countries’ national affairs and influence the course of the national politics.

In spite of the fact that the statement itself did not result in any harmful effect, it can trigger serious political problems in the future. Such claims are likely to hinder the international relationships among the USA and the other world countries, which means that the issue is to be handled as soon as possible, otherwise the harm caused will be irreparable. Despite the claims of the Chinese government, the USA is able to prove the efficient and failure-proof system of handling the home and foreign policy affairs. Taking a closer look at the national system of human rights, one starts understanding that the country provides the maximum of liberty to its citizen and works to create the most comfortable environment for the dwellers of the country. Considering the points of the Human Rights Laws of New York State, for instance, one can see clearly that the former have been developed to support the population and provide them with the maximum safety and at the same time maximum liberty. Taking especial care of its citizen, the Human Rights Laws of New York offer specific care and protection to all its dwellers, providing that they shall not be offended by any physical or legal person: It shall be deemed an exercise of the police power of the state for the protection of the public welfare, health and peace of the people of this state, and in fulfillment of the provisions of the constitution of this state concerning civil rights (N. Y.

Executive Law 2006, 2) Therefore, it is clear that the U. S. system of justice and policy, both the home and the foreign one, is aimed at providing complete certainty and safety. Unless the norms of the States’ Laws are broken, the protection that the latter offer to the people will be complete. Considering the system of Human Rights that the Chinese government suggests, and comparing it to the one introduced in the United States, one has all the rights to claim that there are certain differences between the two. However, it must be admitted that the Chinese ideas of what human rights are have been greatly changed over the past several decades. As Barbezat (2009) emphasizes, The People’s Republic of China has experienced rapid and cardinal changes in its political, economic, and societal realms over the past thirty years. These changes, in conjunction with China’s political and economic policies abroad, have left recognizable imprints on a variety of human rights issues (4) The abovementioned changes concerned the most crucial issues of the modern Human Rights system and included only the most essential aspects of Human Rights ideas.

Therefore, it can be considered that there is certain lack of experience in establishing the system of rights into the Chinese society. Offering their help in creating the right environment for establishing Human Rights system in the Chinese society, the United States pursues the noblest ideas. In spite of the fact that at the current stage of the relationships between China and USA there are certain problems, there is the chance that China will consider the USA actions as the attempts to lend a helping hand to the country, and the Chinese government will drop their charges to the USA.

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