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Through undergoing a transition, an individual experiences the greatest obstacle, which leads to a discovery by the barriers we place on ourselves. The text reveals to us that the greatest awards comes from the greatest risk. Thus they reveal the inner truth and experience about the world around us, as we continue to grow throughout the discovery. The novel, ‘my place’, by Sally Morgan depicts. The truth of one’s women physical, emotional and spiritual events she discovers and explores her Aboriginality. Also, ‘Away; by Michael Gow, is a play that focuses on realisations within oneself which can uncover further discoveries of ourselves and others.  Whilst pinpoints that death is an inevitable forces people to reunite and discover the inner truth and knowledge around the world. These texts elucidate the motion of discovery by allowing us to reflect upon how our personal experience should be perceived as one of opportunities. In order to self progress, we are inevitably trapped within a cruise of challenges, risk and tribulations. Whatever path the individual choose to embark up upon physical, emotional or spiritual, all discoveries must face realities’ obstacles. ‘My Place’ highlights the importance of self discovery
through life’s ‘ ups and downs’. Through the sense of identity is fundamental
to the aboriginal experience as it underline the loss of identity was a
significant part of the Aboriginal experience and the need to regain this
identity has been part of many Aboriginal people’s lives. Other factors that
have contributed to this sense of identity include an affinity with the land,
and spirituality. In the beginning of ‘My Place’, Morgan uses motif to denote the
recurring presences of a particular theme. When Sally first touch with her
inner spiritual life, she infers that ‘ High thrilling sound…I couldn’t see
the bird call, but was there,’ and later on ‘ I heard the bird call….In my
heart I heard it’. The motif of the bird call elucidates the strong connection
between the Aboriginal tribe to their land. Thus, ‘My Place’ encourages the
responder to be hopeful when allowing themselves to transform, after self
discovering. Therefore, the ramification of the discovery elucidates us to
expand our knowledge on opportunities that life has to offer in order to attain
self discovery.

Similarly, In Away Michael Gow express that the greatest
obstacle to discovery is the altitude and belief that we place on ourselves. As
the title, of
the play also asserts the need for discovery. By going away the characters are
able to experience the need for discovery and as they return to their physical
environment in Act Five much has discovered their emotional self discovery.
Three families make a physical discovery, to and from a destination – they “go away” to the beach. Each destination/accommodation and mode of travel
signifies the social status of each family; this distinction is used to show
the physical and social difference between each group. For eg. Gwen and Jim’s
family juxtaposes Vic and Harry’s family as they are more materialistic and
travel in a “new caravan” and
demoralizing Tom due to his social status. Hence, Gwen is introduced in the
play as harsh, manipulative and superior character, set in her ways with
material possessions. Due to her vow to ‘never to be poor again’ after
surviving the depression year, bringing her to believe material possessions
will bring happiness.  As Gwen begins her
holiday with her family, a obstacle is introduced, the storm. The storm acts as
a catalyst storm acts as her emotional reconciliation with herself and
her family. Whilst, it’s expressed as an metaphor for the healing between the
family’s relationship as it’s spontaneous action has lead them to a sudden
realisation.  As it strikes away Gwen’s
materialism perspective, isolating from the stereotyped parody of the suburban
housewife, causing her to gain a greater understanding through her obstacles. Whilst
it indirectly brings other families together, which Gwen faces the challenge
and knowledge of Tom’s inevitable death and the pain and suffering his family
is going through. “We have this boy and we won’t have him for long. And
whatever he does will have to be enough”. This discovery of Tom’s illness
allows Gwen to understand the value of materials than family while discover the
world around her. Where she reviewed herself and her own growth and
development. She expresses remorse “you must hate me” and Tom’s
family reconciled. Highlighting that the greatest obstacle to discovery is the
barriers of belief and altitude we placed on ourselves leads to the transition.

Following a chronological structure, ‘My Place’ is a
post-colonial autobiography. As, Morgan utilise the multiplicity of toned
voices, to form one identity. Arthur’s voice encourages the responder and
concentrate the pride in his voice, when he made the mark “I’m a great
grandfather and proud of it”. However, juxtaposes through repetitively and
shamelessly yelling “I am black. Do you hear? Black! Black! Black!
Black!” Gladys draws an allusion to her metaphorical conclusion, “Let
me do what good I can, may someone else be waiting the same road as mine”.
Likewise Gladys hopes that by confessing her story she is able to assist those
who have stumble upon the same as her, to grasp the key and open new
opportunities that the inescapable journey has hidden. Focusing, that Gladys is
accepting the barriers that were once placed and seeking a transition through
sharing the knowledge of her experience.

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The initiation of challenging the obstacle leads to the
individual to discovery one’s self place, as we continuously seek a life filled
with opportunities and purpose. However, if we do not challenge our fears we
will not be able to learn, determine and discover the truth about who we are.
Although life is a discovery, it is filled with risk and tribulations and thus
we have discover into the mature and stronger individual. These texts reveal
that discovers lead to the protagonist to challenge the barriers that concern
our altitude and belief which guides the way to self discovery and



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