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Thomas Paine wrote a book called Rights of Man where he characterized this  country that does not apply today where politics and social ideal is very different. Paine’s main points in his passage, is about how America being a country that has multitude of cultures, also unique but very different languages coexist. With the current events  that are happening today this assertion can easily be dismissed. After the tragic 9/11, Muslims suddenly became the main targets of racial profiling  and their religion questioned. The government is viewed as¨ just¨, they have the power to protect the citizens that are being wrongfully treated. The government did nothing! The social economic approach paine creates is also very untrue. He wrote that ¨the  poor are not oppressed, the rich are not privileged¨, while in 2008 there was a gap left where the upper and lower classes widened. The upper class have a way  more privileged lifestyle. The upper class don’t get taxed as much as the lower class. They don’t work as hard as the lower class, and usually don’t have to think twice about what they are spending. While the lower class have to work twice has hard and give twice as more money than the upper class. The lower class also have to deal with the government more too. They end up almost depending on the government to help them out. While the government should tax the citizens who get paid more higher than the citizens that get paid fewer. Which makes the lower class not oppressed by the government, and the government is choosing to ignore the real problem. This dismisses Thomas Paine on how concord everything is. Other people say that government is set to have ¨riots and tumults¨. However though, in the state of Wisconsin in 2011, the Governor decided to remove the teacher union? right and change it to the collective bargaining right. When the governor decided to make that right and then have it set it place protest started to happen. People were saying that they felt this was something ¨to render them wretched¨. As if the governor didn’t even care to think how the citizens would feel about the new right.  There’s always a time and place to question and challenge the government, but that wouldn’t help with Paine? visionary for America. America is made up of so many cultural difference, it’s not concorded at all. As seen through the current events that i’ve provided, our country we live in doesn’t follow under the ¨cordial union¨, as Thomas Paine says. The important note about our country is that ,with the contrasting ideas this country has provoked change. For our government, it will never really be just or fair.

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