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This essay
will talk about the main political systems and what political system would
businesses prefer in order to grow, and function efficiently and effectively; whether
be it a Democracy, a Monarchy, a Republic, Communism, or a Dictatorship.

are simply competing views about the type of society we want to live in, or the
competing views on which what we view or what ideology will create what we
think will be able achieve our dream of having a “Good Society”. This will also
majorly affect which deciding factor or rules we might have when it comes to
living together as a people, or as a society as a whole. Although, people will
have different ideas when it comes to what they think a “Good Society” will be,
and this often leads to differences and disagreements that have plagued mankind
for years. Wars have been fought over which political systems, or ideology best
suits society or humanity; it is very subjective depending on how people think,
and why they think what they think.

The nature
of politics is basically about what choices we should make for society as a
whole through passing laws, and public policies we enact; what really is the
“Good Society” and how we can achieve it. This also includes the rules and
decisions made by the current government that governs the country, the people,
and even the businesses within through the politics and governance levels of
sub-national, national, and even beyond through supra-national levels.

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Despite the
common idea, politics and businesses goes hand in hand with each other.
Politics and Businesses have a direct, and mutual relationship with each other;
politics affects businesses, and businesses affects politics. If the government
passes the law such as providing a pension plan for every worker for example,
businesses must adhere to it; businesses have the responsibility to provide
administration for setting up employee pensions which will cost the business
time and money to set up for each employee. Whereas on the other side of the
coin, businesses such as the pharmaceutical companies directly affects the
government’s health systems such as the NHS, because the government is the main
customer of such companies; if the pharmaceutical companies increase their
medication prices that means the government will need to provide further
funding to the NHS in order to maintain their health system infrastructure as
the NHS are supplied by these pharmaceutical companies or businesses. 

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