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This is my pleasure to write the recommendation letter for
Mohit Rana who has completed Bachelor of Engineering in computer. I have taught
Mohit Rana, Network Security and I found him very sincere, punctual and
attentive in class. His active participation in the class brought newer aspects
in many discussions.

Mohit is an outstanding individual with a strong character.
He has the ability to produce impressive results in a wide variety of areas.
Mohit has excelled in his academics. He has good communication skills. He has
strong moral and ethical standard. He has always displayed considerable
dynamism during discussions. He has right temperament required for research and
I can assure that if he gets the right exposure and environment, he will meet
enormous success in his graduate study at your university campus. I remember
him s one of the most confident and energetic students our college ever had.
His aptitude for learning, sincerity and his probing quality are some of the
strong points worth mentioning.

In addition to his academics, he also dedicated some of his
time volunteering at Bharatiyam which is a cultural and technical fest of
Bharati Vidyapeeth University, college of engineering. His position required
him to organize the funds. He felt volunteering was an important role, in which
he learned management and how to prioritize the work. The skills acquired
through it will be beneficial to all of his future Endeavour’s. Mohit has the
ability to manage and organize his time and schedule around different
activities without interfering with college. His experience at Bharatiyam
provided him the aptitude that he needs for graduate school.

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I’m sure you will find him to be a student whose talents
will only shine further through your graduate program. I will highly recommend
him for his admission to your university. If you would like further
information, please be free to contact me.

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