This The management of omnipotent has its purpose,

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week we discussed two views of management and they are omnipotent and symbolic.
Both of this management has advantages and disadvantages when it comes
to managers. Managers may often have a problem with having a specific view of
management, but those who are at best at their job, have the best view from both viewpoints. Omnipotent is
a traditional view of managers, there is approximately endless management over
the organization. The management of omnipotent has its purpose, functions, and
operations. So, this why they are responsible for any success or failure that
occurs. When managers are held accountable (responsible) for the performance of
the organizations, so far, it’s difficult to point out the positive and
negative performances from direct managers. The symbolic view of managers in
management has a limited effect on the substantive organization outcomes that
are due to large numbers of factors that can go outside of their control. An
organization success or failure can be due to external services from outside
the manager’s control. Abilities of manages to affect the outcomes it influences and
controlled by the external factors. The external factors that can affect the
outcome can be the economy, competitors, customers, technology, and actions of
others or even the previous managers.

think that omnipotent works better for managers, it has many advantages to view
managers. A manager tends to strive t be better at anything to get a higher
position, but that is not the only reason they work hard, their performance
reflects employees, and the success and failures of the organization. For instance,
my husband is in the military, they have many responsibilities that omnipotent view
of management. When beginners rank in the military makes any mistake, the
person who is in charge of them, even with a high rank they too are responsible
for other mistakes. So, the higher ranks are observed as well to ensure that
they are leading a positive example. 

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