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This paper
discusses a new field in science and technology that will change the future-
nanoscience and nanoengineering and provides a strategic plan for the
development of a new nanoworld. The author starts with discussing about the
possible outcomes if the humans start working in the similar way the nature
does i.e. building things atom by atom and molecule by molecule. Furthermore,
the paper introduces various tools available in nanotechnology that sees and
moves atoms, spray painting with atoms, molecular self assembly. The author
goes on to discuss the things nanotechnology can do like improving vaccines and
medicines, making invisible aircraft , increase efficiency of electronic
devices, detect and treat ailments at the embryo stage and reduce waste and
pollution thus create smokeless industry, decreasing the rate of accidents by
creating self repairing metallic alloys and many more. Finally, the author sums
up inferring nanotechnology as a promising aspect for the future but also
raises a question that whether nanotechnology will be a boon or bane for the

The authors have eloquently described the concepts,
possible advances and problems associated with the field but the paper falls short
of providing good solutions for these mentioned challenges. The paper justifies
its title, but it would be far better if it also included apt solutions or at
least described some heuristics briefly, as mentioned in the paper.

This paper
appropriately describes the nanotechnology and its entities. Additionally,
relevant research has been conducted and completed regarding the new advances
in  the nanotechnology and its possible effects
on the world.

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Yes, the paper helps in refining our knowledge
of the nanotechnology and helps in better understanding the process of building
nanoscale devices and also about new possible advances in the field. The readers
move away augmenting their understanding about the topic as explained by the

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