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chapter presents the review of related literature of the business.

     Lumpia is responsive to the increasing
demand of healthier yet affordably priced food that will gratify the customer’s
cravings. (Economics,2017)

     Filipinos are fond of eating spicy foods.
In fact, chili pepper is popular for giving a twist to the Filipinos intimate
love for eating. And so, Dynamite Lumpia was made to meet the increasing demand
of the people in purchasing cheap, yet delicious and affordable. For the
Filipinos, the cheaper, the better, though sometimes, there’s a change in
prices of the products due to the problem of the limited resources, nothing can
hinder the cravings of the Filipinos in tasting Dynamite Lumpia, for it gives
them the satisfaction when it comes to spicy foods.




     Barako Fingers as they are called are
supposed to be found in the Bicol region where chili is part of regular meal
and the people love hot spicy foods. But just like love, that “comes from the
most unexpected places”, the Barako Fingers is in Kalibo, the land of the
original Ati-Atihan. (Kalakalan,2010)

     Though according to research that Lumpia
came from China and Indonesia, Philippines also has its own origin of Dynamite
Lumpia. Bicol, the region in the Philippines that is popular for having people
who really love to eat spicy foods. In fact, Bicol express, the specialty of
the Bicol region became popular because of its unique taste, the combination of
salty and spice that is very delicious to eat. And so, Barako Fingers or
famously known as Dynamite Lumpia was absolutely loved and preserved by the
Bicolanos to retain their culture. They actually did planting of chili peppers
to ensure that the production of spices or chili is always good. Over the
years, the charismatic taste of Dynamite Lumpia manipulates the better
popularization of eating spicy foods in the Philippines.



     Dinamitas or Dynamite is a delicious snack
that is often found being sold by some street food carts. Served with a side of
ketchup or sweet chili sauce, dynamite gets its heat and incredible
lip-smacking goodness from long green finger chilies, which have just the right
amount of spice for those who like it hot, and serve as a great intro to the
spicy side of snacking for those who are just learning to love spicier cuisine.

     People often think that street food carts
have the cheapest and delicious foods or snacks on the go. They are absolutely
right, simply because street food carts are part of the economics. Some street
vendors may violate the laws and abuse selling on the street without any
permit, yet Filipinos really love street foods, and for them, those are the
most easy and cheapest food to eat when you have time visiting the market or
just parks and streets. Dynamite Lumpia is one of the most popular snack that
you can found in the street food carts. And because Dynamite Lumpia taste good
with ketchup or sweet chili sauce and vinegar, you are free to add condiments
on your Lumpia.

     Lumpia has become important to Filipino
culture because it has become part of various celebrations such as in
receptions for baptism and weddings, fiestas, birthdays, and other events.

     Philippines is considered as one of the
countries who are rich in culture and tradition. In receptions for baptism,
fiestas, and other events, Filipinos always look for Lumpia. Lumpia became part
of the traditional foods being served in many events. And so, even restaurants
and hotels already make their own version of Lumpia. Lumpia has a lot of
variations, and one of them is the Dynamite Lumpia that is obviously one of the
Lumpia’s best version. Dynamite Lumpia is also used in many occasions most
especially those who love eating spicy foods.

     Fish Lumpia is a version of Lumpiang
Shanghai or deep fried egg rolls wherein fish flakes as used as a filling
instead of ground pork. The fish needed to be sautéed with onion, celery,
carrot, and parsley before wrapping for best results. It makes a good appetizer
can be enjoyed better with dipping sauces such as sweet and sour sauce, banana
ketchup, or spicy vinegar. (panlasangpinoy, 2017)

     Fish Lumpia is the newest version of
Lumpia. Lumpiang Shanghai, the oldest Lumpia version came from egg rolls in
China, is also delicious with its pork filling. Yet Fish Lumpia changed the
fate of the fishes being canned. It serves as the new form or way of cooking
fishes. Galunggong, a variety of fish, is famously cooked and made as fish
lumpia. Perhaps, pork is oftenly used, but fish can be a better substitute,
fishes are richer in protein, and a good quality of fish can out run the
delicious taste of pork. Ofcourse, sauce is a part of the delicious taste of
lumpia. A good sauce enhance and ignite the cravings of the Filipinos in
tasting and eating Lumpia.

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