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This report will cover the subject of social media addiction, since this topic varies across different age groups, this report will investigate the effects on millennials and generation x. As technology gets faster and more efficient, so does the dependency of humans on that very same technology. As the new generation grows up with this technology, it seems that the new generation also grows along that technology.As social media continue to thrive with massive well-known companies like Facebook, Instagram and twitter, improving user experience with massive new updates, so does the number of users of these social media. It’s only natural after a while for new social media like snapchat to emerge and take over the social media spectrum. With technology being around and advertised in everyday life, the new generation can’t help but invest their time these social media, else they would be excluded from the rest of the generation.Research dictates that when humans in general use social media, they tend to do so to share their personal stories/experience/opinion on certain topics, or just for simple pictures they took during their life’s. As more attention is being drawn to these personalized experiences, the more “happiness” these people get, scientifically the brain secretes dopamine, which is the same hormone the brain secretes when sex and food is involved. It is also the same hormone that is secreted when drug users use cocaine, which explains the addiction behind social media. Mental health is therefore linked to such addictions, where research dictates that people who tend to be addicted to social media, spending numerous hours plastered to their social media, trying to be involved in everything that relates to their interest and trying in some cases to shares their option as much as possible. The more “likes” they get the happier they seem to be, which is also true for the reverse, the less “likes” they get the more depressed they seem to get, as addiction grows over time and the more hours put into it, the body gets used to the usual amount administered and therefore the same amount of attention doesn’t seem to get the user to the same level as happiness.Social media addiction should be treated seriously, if not, the youth of today will be affected heavily and the older generation will not have an idea on how to deal with it, and would not understand, the same situation can be seen with drug users, and therefore to treat such addiction it should be treated the same as drug addiction up to a certain extent. Having age limitations that are implemented on the youth of today will play a huge part in how the new generation deals with this ever growing epidemic. The community needs to come together and address this addiction, social media companies needs to be responsible and enforce these age restrictions.

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